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The 4 most common electrical problems your commercial electrician deals with

As a leading commercial electrician in Melbourne, Briggs Electrical has worked with all sorts of businesses for their electrical needs. Offices, factories, restaurants… you name it, and we’ve done it.

We’ve basically seen it all when it comes to commercial electrical problems. However, there are a couple of electrical problems we’ve seen pop up repeatedly in our commercial clients.

While electricity is a wonderful thing, it’s also extremely dangerous. If you want to protect your staff and customers from electricity, it’s important to get the following problems dealt with by a commercial electrician.

1) Call an emergency commercial electrician to deal with the usual suspects

While your business might use power differently from your home, the fundamentals are virtually the same.

As such, it’s not uncommon to see many of the common culprits behind home electrical problems pop up in your business too:

  • Faulty or overcrowded wiring
  • Exposed wires
  • Old-fashioned knob-and-tube wiring
  • Faulty GFCI outlets

Depending on your business, you might experience each of these problems to a greater extent than you might at home.


2) Does your business have redundant wiring?

Unless you’re the first tenant or owner, chances are other businesses have occupied your property at some point.

Different businesses have unique energy requirements – as such, many properties have extra wiring or circuits installed, courtesy of previous owners.

Normally, redundant wires aren’t a problem. When these redundant wires aren’t properly capped or terminated however, it can pose a potential electrical hazard!

Redundant wiring that hasn’t been removed or taken care of properly are still supplied with power. Accidentally come into contact with one of these, and you could receive a nasty shock.

Obviously, this is extremely dangerous!

If you notice a wire that goes nowhere, don’t touch it. Instead, get your office inspected by a commercial electrician.

3) Your circuit breakers keep tripping

Circuit breakers are essential to protect yourself from the dangers of electricity.

A circuit breaker “trips” – shuts off electrical flow – when it detects the circuit is overloaded.

This prevents the circuit from overheating and protects your business from suffering an electrical fire.

If your circuit breakers and switches trip frequently, you either need to get your switchboard upgraded or a completely new circuit added.

This problem is especially common in manufacturing and cold storage businesses – machinery and fridges us a lot of energy. Your existing switchboard simply might not have the capacity to power your operations without an upgrade.

This can lead to frequent pauses in your business, which you mightn’t be able to afford.

A commercial electrician will be able to bring your business’ circuits up to scratch. We check your wiring and can even install sub-panels.

4) You don’t have enough circuits to power your business

On a related note, what if you need a completely new circuit installed?

Sometimes an upgrade switchboard won’t do the trick – you might need a completely new circuit installed to supply power to your business.

We don’t recommend working around the issue yourself. While rigging up extension cords everywhere might work in the short-term, long-term it’s simply too dangerous.

Not only does this increase your risk of tripping, but it can also:

  • Overload your existing circuits
  • Increase your risk of electrical fires
  • Cause short-circuits

And if you operate energy-intensive equipment, there’s no way around this!

Server rooms, heavy machinery and large freezers use so much power that they require dedicated circuits to provide a steady supply of power.

Whether you need a new socket or an entirely new circuit, the best thing you can do is touch base with a commercial electrician.

Experiencing problems with your business’ wiring?

Get in touch with a commercial electrician in Melbourne!

While it might not be causing you any problems at the moment, issues with the electricity at your business can cause your business to grind to a halt.

Needless to say, you can’t afford that!

Protect yourself from an unexpected shutdown – or worse, electrocution and electrical fires – by contacting a commercial electrician today.

Briggs Electrical has worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes to identify and resolve potential electrical problems before they can turn dangerous or force your business to an unexpected halt.

Additionally, our highly-experienced team of sparkies also offer emergency electrical service all over Melbourne.

Best of all, our emergency electricians are available at every hour of the day!

Give us a call anytime on 1300 300 222, or lodge a job with us online!