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Bought a new shop? Why you need a commercial electrician in Melbourne, ASAP!

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Whether you are starting a new business, or simply having works or renovations done on an existing one, then you are going to want to hire a highly-qualified, experienced commercial builder.

Everybody knows not to make the mistake of hiring a dodgy handyman to take care of your electrical needs.

Equally important however is hiring an electrician that specialises in electrical work for commercial properties!

Many people assume that there isn’t much difference between wiring a residential house and wiring a commercial building.

After all, electricity is all the same, right?

Not at all.

There are several major differences between commercial and residential buildings that electricians needs to consider. That’s precisely why you need to hire somebody who is trained to inspect and service the electrical needs of a commercial building.

And today, our commercial electricians in Melbourne explain why!

Commercial electricians have better knowledge of commercial buildings

Commercial buildings are built differently from residential homes because they serve a different purpose.

Similarly, many commercial buildings are also wired differently from the typical home!

That’s because they often need to deliver a much higher volume of electricity.

A home is built to accommodate four, maybe five people. Generally speaking, that means wiring and circuitry that’s lower in capacity.

A commercial building on the other hand, needs to provide electricity to employees, customers and a wide range of other visitors.

This often means that there is a significantly higher amount of wiring to contend with.

This is especially true for more specialised commercial properties, or businesses that consume a lot of power. For example, factories, electronics retailers, or gyms.

For this reason, you need an electrician who has experience with commercial wiring.

If you hire a domestic electrician to work on a commercial building, the potential for hazards grows exponentially.

While a residential electrician is still qualified, they will also have gaps in their knowledge that a commercial sparkie won’t.

Commercial electricians are insured for the work they do

When you hire a professional you greatly lower the likelihood that something will go wrong.

However, when it comes to electricity you can never be too careful!

We aren’t just talking about electrical safety and proper work practices, either – it’s also crucial that your sparkie is fully insured.

Dodgy electrical work doesn’t just damage appliances and equipment, or put your safety at risk.

It can also affect your livelihood, leaving you and your team without a source of income should something go wrong!

You want to hire an electrician that is insured for the kind of work that they do and the risks that are associated with it.

On the off-chance that something does go wrong, at least you, your workers, your business and the electrician will be covered.

It’s simply never a bad thing to be extra careful about electricity – especially when your business and the welfare of your employees and customers that are at stake.

When you hire a commercial electrician you save yourself time

A commercial electrician has a wealth of knowledge and experience up their sleeve.

It’s thanks to this experience that we commercial sparkies can help you save time!

They know exactly what it is that a commercial building will and won’t need.

They will also know what electrical problems usually occur during a commercial build and will already have a plan set in place if something should go awry.

This means that a commercial electrician will be able to predict potential problems before they arise.

Even better, they will be ready to provide solutions to the problems you might be faced with.

Their experience and skills will allow them to pick up on hazards and issues unique to commercial properties – issues a run-of-the-mill sparkie might not have enough knowledge and training behind them to immediately notice.

In that sense, hiring a commercial electrician will save you time.

They won’t waste time trying to diagnose a more complex problem because they’ll already know exactly what needs to happen for the issue to be dealt with!

Additionally, you won’t have to ask them to come back in a month to fix something. You can trust that a professional commercial electrician will get it right the first time.

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