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What can a commercial electrician do for me?

A commercial electrician is involved in really meticulous and detailed work. Below you’ll find a brief summary of some of the most important electrical work we do for commercial dwellings.

What is a commercial electrician?

A commercial electrician in Melbourne is a specialised electrical professional who focuses on electrical systems in commercial and industrial settings. They are trained and experienced in handling a wide range of electrical needs of businesses and other commercial settings.

This can include installing, repairing electrical problems, and maintaining electrical systems, lighting, machinery, and other equipment in commercial buildings, factories, offices, and retail stores.

Commercial electricians ensure the safe and efficient operation of electrical systems in these settings, adhering to relevant codes and strict regulations.

Commercial electrician

What is the difference between commercial and domestic electricians?

Commercial and domestic electricians have distinct areas of expertise.

Domestic electricians specialise in residential electrical systems, handling installations, repairs, and maintenance for homes. They are familiar with household electrical needs, such as wiring, lighting, outlets, and appliances commonly found in houses.

On the other hand, our commercial electricians in Melbourne focus on electrical systems in commercial and industrial settings, including offices, retail spaces, factories, and warehouses. They deal with larger-scale projects, such as complex wiring systems, commercial-grade equipment, and lighting installations tailored to larger commercial spaces.

The regulations and codes they must follow may also differ due to the varying requirements of residential and commercial settings.

What is the difference between commercial and industrial electrical?

A commercial electrician’s focus is on meeting the electrical needs of businesses and ensuring the smooth operation of commercial spaces.

Industrial electricians, on the other hand, are specialised professionals who work in industrial facilities like factories, manufacturing plants, and warehouses. Their work revolves around electrical systems that support industrial operations and machinery.

They are trained to handle high-power applications, complex machinery, control systems, and power distribution networks found in industrial settings. Industrial electricians focus on installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems in industrial facilities, ensuring the safe and efficient functioning of equipment and machinery.

They possess expertise in dealing with three-phase power, motor control circuits, and industrial automation systems.

The skill sets and knowledge required for each role differ based on the unique demands of their respective environments.

A commercial electrician plans electrical systems

Power distribution doesn’t just happen: a clear, detailed, and realistic plan is the first step electricians take when creating a new electrical system (or updating an existing one).

The skills of a commercial electrician are employed to create a detailed, logical plan that meets budgeting expectations.

We create diagrams for your commercial building

Here’s a task for you: go into Google and type ‘electrical diagrams’ and have a look at the first few images that pop up. Confused? We thought you might be!

Reading electrical diagrams is considered a highly sought after skill in some circles! (Or maybe that’s just our circle?)

Creating and reading electrical diagrams is our second nature, so while you might see circles, lines, dashes, and arrows, we see a plan – and it’s a part of our job to create these highly detailed diagrams.

Commercial electricians must have the skills to accurately interpret blueprints

Sometimes we create blueprints ourselves, and other times, they are created and provided by a contractor.

In the second case, it’s our job as commercial electricians to work from these blueprints, deciphering all the little drawings and connections, to bring a vision to life.

Sometimes we are brought on board later in the process, so it’s part of a good electrician’s job to quickly switch on (pun not intended!) and get up to speed with the current situation.

We install conduits, sockets, breakers, and lighting

Collectively, we like to refer to all of these electrical elements as a single electrical system.

Electrical systems differ from business to business, but it goes without saying that any commercial dwelling will rely on electrical wiring, power points, lighting, phone lines, communications, and more.

All these elements work to make people’s lives and jobs easier – it’s as straightforward as that!

We perform important inspections like ‘testing and tagging’

Testing and tagging is an important component of commercial electrical maintenance, and involves our certified tradesmen performing safety checks and electrical inspection on various appliances and equipment.

Testing and tagging is a part of Australian (and New Zealand) electrical safety standards, and its purpose is to ensure safety and reduce the risk of electrical shock in the workplace. Basically, it keeps you, your employees, and your clients safe.

Once an appliance has passed the ‘test’, we ‘tag’ it and make a record of it for your Work Health and Safety files and documentation (as you might guess, this documentation is very important.)

What types of businesses and buildings require a commercial electrician?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes will require – at some point- commercial electrical services at their building.

We’ve listed some common ones below…

Small / private business

Any small business requires prompt and direct electrical service. From straightforward tasks like new lighting or power sockets to CCTV planning and installation, every small business owner needs an electrician they can rely on!

Commercial buildings

These are the kinds of buildings that may house a number of different businesses or organisations.

Car park lighting, security systems, rewiring, or complete fit outs are some of the common commercial electrical tasks our team perform in a larger building.

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Shopping centres

If lighting goes out, exit signs are not illuminated, or CCTV technology is failing, a customer’s safety is placed at risk. Now is the time a shopping centre immediately requires a commercial electrician.

Real estate strata

Real estate agents always seek to find reputable tradespeople to send to their clients’ houses – why should an electrical service be any different? We can work with real estate agents to perform maintenance on properties they manage, as well as act as the electrician they send out to tenants.


These places are responsible for hundreds of young people every day, so of course safety is the priority!

Ongoing commercial maintenance is highly regarded by school administration, as they know they can consistently rely on the one company.

Commercial electrician Melbourne

The Briggs team is made up of professional electrical contractors, providing safe and smart solutions to all types of commercial properties.

Our commercial electricians work through Melbourne bringing plans to life and have created safe properties and buildings for hundreds of businesses.

If you’re a manager or owner of a commercial property seeking reliable commercial electrical services in Melbourne, get in touch today.

We think it’s time to get the service you deserve! Call today on 1300 300 222 or fill in this form.