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Power Failure Blackout

Emergency Electrician For Power Failure Or Blackout

Power Failure Or Blackout

Need An emergency electrician for power failure or blackout? Call Briggs today!

The two most common reasons for a power failure in the home are:

1) Area-wide blackout
2) Electrical fault within your home’s system

Each has their own cause and resolution, so it’s important to understand the distinction:

Area-wide blackout

An area-wide blackout that affects more than just your home is usually the responsibility of electricity companies.

They will work hard to get electricity up and running quickly, but if you have questions or concerns, it’s best to contact then directly. You should also follow them on social media to get updates. Read some important safety tips here.

A power outage that’s isolated to your home only

A blackout that’s isolated to your home usually indicates a problem with the property’s electric system. Call an emergency electrician if this happens.

If you’ve snooped on your neighbours and determined that the problem affects your home only, there are some things you can do to maximise safety during this somewhat frustrating time.

What to do during a power failure or blackout

Check your safety switch

This is the first place you should start, and it will normally provide you insight into the issue.

If indeed the power outage has been triggered by the safety switch, this means that a faulty device or appliance has been detected in your home’s electrical circuit. The only way to detect the culprit is to unplug every appliance and plug in the house (including power boards) and plug them in one by one, each time checking whether you can reset the switch.

Can’t detect the faulty appliance?

If you’re sure you’ve checked, unplugged, and plugged in all appliances in your home, and your switch is still tripping, this may indicate a problem with wiring.

First though, double check each room of the house – don’t forget concealed plugs for ovens, dryers, washing machines, and range hoods.

Still tripping? Now might be time to call a local emergency electrician.

Your safety switch is there to detect any faults in your circuit, so if it’s playing up, it needs to be fixed ASAP! Don’t hesitate to call Briggs Electrical at any hour of the day or night! Call now.

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