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Electric car charging station installation

Did you know that in 2019, Australia experienced a 200% growth in electric vehicle sales?

Electric vehicles may still be a new concept to many people, but make no mistake – the growth is significant, it’s fast, and it’s happening all around us!

The future is now: electric vehicles are coming… even if you can’t hear them!

Electric car charging station installation

EV charging station installation

You might be asking yourself – what sort of companies install EV charging point installation in Melbourne?

You might think you need to rely on your car dealership for assistance. Or perhaps call your local mechanic.

But did you know that your Bayside electrician can also help you install the right charging station for your car and be your EV electrician?

Our electric vehicle charging station contractors can source, install, and maintain your electric vehicle charging system, whether it’s at your home, strata property, or common parking area.

EV charging station installation - Residential charging stations

Residential EV charging stations

Imagine the convenience of your very own electric car charging home installation!
Not sure which charger is right for you? There are a multitude of options available, depending on your vehicle type, driveway or garage layout, and budget. We’ll help source and install the correct electric vehicle home charging station that suits your needs.

You’ll always be ready to go with your very own EV charger – right at your doorstep. Fast, efficient, and convenient – what more could you want?

EV charging station installation - Strata / owner’s corp

Strata / owner’s corp EV charging point

Larger residential and commercial residences can house hundreds of occupants, and as a strata manager, providing EV charging stations in Melbourne can help attract valuable and sustainably-focused tenants.

Future-proof your residential or commercial dwelling: If you’re a strata manager interested in installing electric vehicle charging stations for apartments, units, or other multi-unit properties, call Briggs for the right EV charging solutions.

EV charging station installation - Common parking areas

Car charging station in car parks

Whether it’s at a shopping centre, petrol station, multi-level car park, or corporate office, Briggs has experience installing EV charging stations.

We also work with property developers and local government councils as they continue to take measures to become more EV-friendly, offering their residents, clients, and community the opportunity to charge their electric cars at various stations.

Speak to Briggs today to discuss your commercial EV charging station installation needs.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Contractors

Are you planning on installing an accessible charging station at home?

Did you know that your local electrician can install your system? Chat to us today about the right solution that suits your vehicle and home, and we can provide you with a quote to have your very own EV car charging station installed at home!

You need qualified and licensed electrical contractors that can conduct the installation of any permanently wired electrical equipment as required by Australian law.

Electric vehicle charging installation cost

The cost will depend on not only the installation process, but additionally the type of system and charger you need.

This is impacted by the type of electric vehicle you own. If you’d like a rough estimate, get in touch with Briggs today and make sure you tell us your EV make, model, and year, and where you want your fast charging station installed.

We can also organise an on-site inspection where we’ll come out to inspect your property and provide advice, guidance, and a quote.

david briggs electrician melbourneContact Briggs Electrical today! Lodge a job or call a skilled electrician now.

Benefits of electric vehicles

Reduced emissions

No doubt one of (if not the biggest) draw of electric cars – reduced harmful emissions polluting our environment. It’s estimated that vehicle pollution causes 40% more premature deaths than road accidents.

Long-term investment

Grants and incentives matched with the reduced cost of running an electric vehicle make them a highly economical choice for the eco-conscious driver.

NO fuel costs

Can you imagine never again having to experience the inconvenience of filling up at the petrol station? 100% electric vehicles turn this dream into a reality.

Reduced ongoing maintenance

Fewer parts results in reduced wear and tear, meaning ongoing maintenance costs of an EV are significantly lower than a petrol car.

Quality parts

Electric vehicle motors react quickly and have great torque, and they have to pass the same safety tests as fuel-operated cars. EVs are both safe and enjoyable to drive.

EV charging stations Melbourne

As we always say: if it’s got a wire, we can help!

And that service extends to the new world of EV charging technology!

So – you’re thinking about making the incredible leap to electric vehicles, but you feel overwhelmed by all your options when it comes to charging.

You’ve got a lot of questions on your mind:

  • Where can your EV home charger be installed?
  • Can you have your own at home?
  • Which charger is right for your car?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long does it take?
  • What kind of work is involved?

Get the right answers to your questions with Briggs Electrical! Give our team a call today, and together, we’ll create the ideal EV charging solution to meet your needs.

Call 1300 300 222 or contact us online with all your questions.

Electric vehicle charging solutions

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