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Upgrade your bathroom lighting with an electrician in Melbourne

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Midnight trips to the bathroom are fraught with danger: stubbed toes, bruised knees, slips and falls… these are just some of the hazards you face when you go to the bathroom at night!

And that’s why bathroom lighting is so important!

Whether you’re planning to improve your current lighting or are building a new house altogether, lighting is an important part of bathroom design.

Luckily for you, it’s also an area that Briggs’ electricians in Melbourne have plenty of experience with.

In addition to carrying out emergency lighting or wiring repairs, your sparkie can also help you determine the right strategy for task and mood lighting in important rooms of the home, including the bathroom.

Save the number of your local electrician in Melbourne – that’s 1300 300 222 – or lodge a job now for any electrical or lighting jobs you need completed.

Why is good bathroom lighting important?

Nowadays, bathrooms aren’t solely “functional” rooms. Many homeowners now recognise bathrooms as a great place to unwind and relax after a hard day at work.

Our Melbourne electricians have seen this first-hand, with many of the bathrooms we work on featuring hotel and spa-like amenities… and more sophisticated lighting solutions, of course!

Lighting is an important part of modern bathrooms design. If you’re building or renovating, you need to think about lighting.

Good lighting transforms bathroom appearance

When you visit a hotel or day spa, the first thing that catches your attention is the “feel” of the room.

In particular, your attention is drawn to how the bathroom feels. After all, how are you supposed to feel clean and refreshed if the bathroom doesn’t feel like it?

No matter how small or large your bathroom is, good quality lighting can transform the overall appearance and ambiance.

For example, light placement can determine the areas that you would like to highlight in your bathroom.

Not to mention, the type of lightbulb chosen can influence how comfortable the room feels.

So if you’d like to upgrade your ambient or main source of lighting or add accent lights for relaxing effects, then consult a licensed and professional electrician in Melbourne who can help bring your vision to life! 

Bathroom lighting affects mood

Bathrooms aren’t just for cleaning – they can also be for relaxing. Or at least, they should be!

Of course, good lighting is key to achieving this!

Bathroom lighting can affect your mood, depending on what type of ambience would you want to create. For example, yellow light emits a warmer glow, similar to candlelight.

The ability to dim your bathroom lights might also be a good decision if you intend on using your bathroom as a home spa or simply a place to escape.

Maximise energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness

When talking electricity, we can’t overlook your quarterly power bill.

Did you know that lighting makes up around 10% of the average household energy bill?

As such, we recommend choosing good bathroom lighting that maximises energy-efficiency and brings down the costs of electricity. 

Modern energy-saving bulbs maximise output, without using the amount of power older bulbs would.

If you ask us, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and LED lighting are the best options!

If you don’t have any idea what energy-efficient lighting can be used in your home, consult your local electrician in Melbourne.

Keep safe at night

In addition to improving the ambience and feel of your bathroom, good lighting also serves a practical purpose. Trust us, your elbows, toes and knees will thank you later!

Lighting tips in the bathroom

Okay, so now you know why lighting is so important in the bathroom. Now there’s just one more question left: what can you do to elevate the lighting in your bathroom?

Here are just a couple of tips you can employ to improve your bathroom lighting and create the bathroom ambience that you’ve always wanted, and that strikes the perfect balance between mood and practicality. 

Choose the right bulb

Good bathroom lighting starts with choosing the right bulb. As mentioned earlier, energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting bulbs replace high power lighting accessories.

If you want a better bathroom lighting system, choose bulbs that will not waste heat and light, bringing your power bill down.

Before looking at lightbulbs, we recommend reading up on temperature and lumens first.

“Temperature” doesn’t actually refer to the heat generated by a lightbulb (most modern lights don’t run very hot, anyway) – rather, it refers to the colour of lighting. Yellows and reds tend to create a warmer bathroom, while blue or white light feels cool and cleaner.

By contrast, lumens indicate the brightness or the amount of light that is visible. You’ll want a Goldilocks lightbulb for your bathroom – not too bright, but not too dark either.

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Vanity lighting

The main bathroom light isn’t the only thing you’ll need to think about when it comes to bathroom lighting – just as important is vanity lighting.

In addition to washing up, bathrooms are where you’ll prepare for your  day. You’ll shave, do your hair and apply make-up.

This doesn’t necessitate turning on the ceiling lights.

Luckily, vanity lighting allows you to spotlight your face, while also using up less electricity than ceiling lighting. 

Consider placing small lighting fixtures on either side of the bathroom mirror for a more accurate reflection, as ceiling lighting can cast deeper shadows on your forehead and below your chin.

Make your lights easy-to-use, even in the dark

Midnight bathroom trips can often be accompanied by lots of fumbling around looking for the lightswitch.

As such, switch placement is crucial.

Make sure your lightswitch panel is in a spot that’s easy to find in the dark. Most bathroom designs put them right next to the entrance.

Of course, that isn’t all you can do – some modern lighting solutions can be activated by voice, cutting the blind stumbling and fumbling out completely.

Brightness controls

In addition to turning on and off, consider choosing lighting systems that can also be dimmed.

Bathroom lights can often dazzle and leave you momentarily blinded. Not to mention, bright light can wake you right up – the last thing you want happening if you need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Before you pop into bed, use these controls to bring down the brightness of your bathroom. 

That way, if you need to use the bathroom overnight, you’ll be able to enjoy a more comfortable level of illumination.

Upgrade your bathroom lighting with a little help from an electrician in Melbourne

In addition to carrying out electrical renovations and upgrades in bathrooms, Briggs Electrical can also advise you with your bathroom lighting.

We’ve seen all sorts of clever (and not-so-clever) bathroom renovation ideas.

Some of the things our Melbourne electricians can advise on include:

  • What type of lights you should choose
  • Where they should be placed
  • What extras you should get installed in your bathroom
  • Whether or not your wiring will need to be completely redone

Are you thinking of upgrading your bathroom lighting or solve any home lighting issue that you have in your home?

Be sure to engage Briggs Electrical early on. We’ll look over your plan and provide our qualified feedback and lighting advice.

Put your trust in our team of licensed, insured, and fully-qualified electricians in Melbourne. 

Whether it’s a bathroom, a home theatre or an NBN connection, our sparkies can look after your business or at home.

Contact Briggs Electrical on 1300 300 222 or lodge a job with us today