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Have you considered these home security system installation factors?

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Whether you work the regular 9-5, travel often, or are in and out of the home all day running kids from various sporting and extra curricular activities, we can all relate to the importance of home security.

Are you worried that someone could enter your home and put you, your possessions, and even your family at risk?

Brush off the uncertainty and the hassle of thinking about your home when you’re not around with a reliable home security system.

Whether you’ve just built a new property or have lived in your family home for years, no doubt the issue of home security has, at one point or another, crossed your mind.

Are you thinking about security system installation in your home? Then read on!

Our Melbourne electricians want to share some important considerations you should make when it comes to choosing the right team to perform complete security system installation, from motion and sound sensors to CCTV and video cameras.

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An established and reliable home security system is worth your investment! You can’t put a price on protecting your family and your home from potential break-ins or would be thieves.

As such, you can’t just trust anyone to strategically plan and install your new system. 

Electrical security systems, while they may seem straightforward, involve intricate electrical work to ensure that your home is protected 24/7.

So whether you are looking for your first system or want to replace an older one, call Briggs’ Melbourne electricians on 1300 300 222 or fill in this form to find out more about security system installation.

Considerations in home security system installation

The type of home security system

Before choosing your home security system, it is always best to do a bit of research on the type of system that best fits your home’s size and layout, as well as the type of actions you’d like to monitor.

Technological advances call for different types of home security system available for your requirement, such as:

  • Alarm systems
  • CCTV cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Door and window sensors
  • Sound sensors
  • Leak and flooding sensors

As you can see, home security systems can be made up of multiple features, depending on your budget, your home, and what you want to track.

Having a hard time deciding what to choose? Speak with our Melbourne electricians about the best system suited for your home and lifestyle.

Wireless or wired

Another consideration to make is whether you should choose a wireless or wired system. 

Wireless systems usually need cellular signals to alert sensors and give real-time warnings, while wired systems, rely on phone systems and backup battery to monitor your home.

Wired networks may need phone connections to operate; as such, drilling is often required.

Wired home security systems use phone lines, but in instances where power is lost, they are usually backed up by an emergency battery source.

Some wireless systems use internet connections to send out alerts and signals. Alerts are received depending on the internet speed, so ensure your system will be connected to a strong and high quality internet supply.

Renting your home? You might want to consider a wireless system, as these systems are usually less invasive on the home. Of course, you still might like to speak to your landlord about the possibility of installing a wired system.


Home security systems always come with a price tag.

Before deciding to purchase one or have it installed by a professional Melbourne electrician, make sure that what you want and what can be supplied aligns with your budget. 

Your budget is dependent on the cost of the type of security system that you will choose for your home. 

Confused? Let our electricians help you navigate the countless security systems and solutions available on the market!

We’ll ensure you understand all the different technical aspects of different systems, helping you to make the right choice.

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DIY vs. professionally installed security system

We get it – completing a home improvement task on your own boosts your confidence, as you can proudly show off your feat to family and friends. 

So if it’s painting a fence or pruning the weeds, then we say go for it. However, if it has anything to do with electricity, we strongly advise you to avoid DIY.

DIY installation of home security systems (or in fact, any other task with wires) brings more than complication: it also increases your risk of serious injury, too.

Not only is the average homeowner not educated in the correct and safe installation process, but messing about with wires and electricity can prove to be a fatal mistake.

In a few words? If it has a wire, it needs a qualified and licensed professional.

Professionally installed home security system done by a Melbourne electrician will save you time and effort when it comes to each aspect of installation, including wiring, drilling, and set up.

So before you decide to install your own CCTV system, consider if it’s really worth the risk.

Install home security systems with the help of a Melbourne electrician!

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from installing a high-quality security system in your home.

A Melbourne electrician gives you advise on your home security plan that will fit your budget and can manage the process from concept through to installation and complete set-up. 

Briggs Electrical professionally installs any home security system to protect your property, home, family and yourself.

Briggs can install any alarm system, including those with:

  • Panic controls
  • Motion sensors
  • Sound sensors
  • Sensors on doors and windows
  • Sensors on leaks and floods

Get customised solutions to your home and commercial property that allows you to keep a close eye on home, whether you’ve popped out for half an hour or are on a three-week holiday. 

Contact Briggs Electrical’s team of licensed professionals on 1300 300 222 or fill in the form to get your home security system up and running today.