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Get connected with our NBN electricians: call Briggs today!

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While we may be electricians first and foremost, that isn’t the only thing we do!

Just take a look at our full name: Briggs Electrical and Data Solutions.

Our team of Melbourne electricians are experts in all things telecommunications.

In addition to setting businesses and offices up with network cables and phone lines, our team of sparkies can also connect your home or business to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Have you experienced problems in the past with other electricians, or worse still, NBN technicians who turn up at your house then proceed to tell you that they can’t connect your cables?

Do they lack the specialised know-how that comes with data cabling and NBN installation?

Forget the rest – rely on Briggs’ NBN electricians!

Our Melbourne electricians understand the need for fast internet!

Your Netflix stream is cutting out. That download is taking longer than expected. Lag is ruining your winning streak.

We’ve all had days where your internet connection simply isn’t fast enough. And with the amount of our leisure time or work that now relies on the internet, that’s something many of us simply can’t afford to live with!

Of course, with increasing connectivity comes a heavier load on the current network.

And as we all know, that’s what Australia’s NBN was conceived to account for.

Under the current plan, the Federal Government is replacing much of the old copper network with new fibre optic cables. These fibre run to a central node in your neighbourhood (think like an old-fashioned phone exchange).

From that point on however, it will use existing copper wires to make the last leg to your property.

This is how the majority of Australians will use NBN. For light browsing, checking your socials and casual internet use, it’s more than enough.

But what if you need something a bit faster?

In these cases, you can apply to have fibre cabling extended to the curb outside your property, or even directly to your home and business, granting you a significantly faster connection.

Briggs’ NBN electricians quickly and effectively connect you to the NBN

So you’ve decided you need a faster connection. Maybe you’re a heavy internet user, or run a business that relies heavily on your internet connection.

If that’s the case, Briggs Electrical can help!

As an ACRS Master Cabler, we’re the experts in all things data cabling – what’s more, we’re also qualified NBN installers.

As such, we can help with…

NBN installation

During NBN installation, you’ll need three pieces of hardware:

  • NBN Utility Box – installed outside your property, this is what connects your property to the NBN fibre optic cable on your street
  • NBN Connection Box – installed inside your property, this box connects the outdoor utility box directly to your modem
  • New Modem (optional) – many existing modems are not NBN compatible, and thus need to be replaced

Connecting all of these pieces of hardware to each other (and to the cable in the street) requires somebody who knows what they’re doing.

In addition to electrical work, Briggs Electrical are also NBN installers. If you’ve opted for fibre to the curb or to the premises, our team of NBN electricians in Melbourne can carry out the installation for you.

Melbourne electricians

Keeping your wiring clean and seamless

Nobody likes having to run blue cables running across floors or dangling from ceilings. For starters, it doesn’t make your house look very good – what’s more, in workplaces it can also present a tripping hazard.

So if you’re getting your property connected to the NBN, why not take this as an opportunity to fix up the cabling situation while you’re at it?

In addition to ensuring that your data cabling is functional, Briggs also ensures that it’s seamless.

We’ll run your new cables through the walls, ensuring a seamless, well-presented property – no more exposed cables or tripping hazards to worry about!

NBN utility and connection box location

Did you know? The location of your NBN boxes greatly affects the speed of your internet service. What’s more there are a whole load of other requirements when installing your connection box.

For starters, the utility box (the outdoor one) must be installed on the same building as your electrical main meter box or distribution board.

While not a big deal for homes, this is something business owners may need to consider.

Additionally, it also needs to be at least 410mm off the ground, 250mm away from taps and downpipes, as well as electricity, gas and water meters.

Likewise, there are also some limits on where we can install your connection box (the indoor one). For example, humidity, temperature extremes and confined spaces are all no-nos.

Getting your home NBN-ready

Connecting your home to the NBN is great and all… but what if your home doesn’t have the sockets or pre-existing data cabling systems to support your internet usage in the first place?

If you live in an old house, with nothing more than a couple of old-fashioned phone sockets, give Briggs Electrical a call.

In addition to NBN installation, our NBN electricians can also bring your home or business into the 21st century.

Our team can perform complete home or office rewiring, installing new wires and cabling to support your appliances and brand new fibre optic NBN line.

Why hire Briggs Electrical’s NBN electricians for your NBN installation?

Almost everyone needs a high-speed internet connection nowadays. And thanks to NBN, that’s now within reach.

Of course, before you get started, you’ll need the help and assistance of a certified NBN electrician like Briggs Electrical.

Briggs offers a range of domestic and commercial electrical services – and as we’re sure you’ve realised by now, we’re also registered NBN installers too. 

We bring our trademark experience, know-how and fantastic customer service to all our NBN installations. 

Get connected with Briggs Electrical at 1300 300 222, or fill in the form to book a job with us today.

Briggs Electrical & Data Solutions is a family-owned business operating across Melbourne and Bayside. We offer all types of commercial, domestic, and emergency electrical services, any time of the day or night! Contact us at 1300 300 222 today. Call our 24 hour electrician today!