7 money-saving electrical tips from our electrician in Melbourne

7 money-saving electrical tips from our electrician in Melbourne

Loose wires and faulty appliances aren’t the only way your electricity use can shock you – so too can your power bill!

If you find yourself receiving a different type of electrical shock when you receive your quarterly bill, look no further. Our electricians in Melbourne have you covered.

The new year is a great time to get into better financial habits. And what better place to start than by looking for ways to bring your electricity bill under control?

In addition to electrical repairs, we’ve also helped homeowners and businesses find new ways to dramatically reduce their energy usage and slash their bills.

To help you achieve your financial goals, we’ve compiled a couple of the ways we’ve helped cut energy usage across Melbourne.

1) Replace old light bulbs with LED lights

Let’s just say there’s a very good reason most bulbs on the market now are of the LED variety!

In addition to using 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs (and in some cases, up to 90% less), LEDs also last 25 times longer.

If you’re looking to slash your energy bill, LED bulbs are a great place to start!

Worried about costs? One way to bring down the cost of installation is to start by getting your electrician in Melbourne to replace the most commonly used lights in your house, and gradually work your way down the priority list over the months.

While it may cost a bit of money to retrofit your home or business with new LED lights, their proven longevity, energy efficiency and environmental-friendliness make them a clear winner over traditional light bulbs.

2) Unplug appliances when you aren’t using them

Did you know? Even when they aren’t being used, some of your appliances may still be using energy.

This is known as “standby loss”, with common culprits including chargers, TVs and stereos.

Luckily, it’s easy to fix this by getting into the habit of unplugging appliances or switching off sockets when these appliances aren’t in use.

Sure, it may not sound like much. That said, every little bit counts – not to mention, it’s an extremely easy habit to get into!

3) Look at air conditioning alternatives

Air conditioning is bliss – that said, it isn’t your only option for keeping cool in summertime!

Air conditioning systems are some of the most energy-hungry appliances in the home – the less you rely on aircon, the better your power bill will look.

Depending on the fabric, curtains can reduce heat gain by up to 33% – curtain shades can enhance this effect even further, reducing temperatures and by extension, your power bill.

Another good idea is to hang wet towels in front of open windows.

Thanks to a quirk in the laws of physics, water takes heat with it when it evaporates – by doing this, you’re essentially creating a DIY evaporative cooler.

While they may not be much use during those occasional 40-degree days we get in Melbourne, they can certainly help with all those days where it’s starting to get warm, but not warm enough to turn on your A/C.

And while we’re on the topic of air conditioning…

4) Clean and replace air filters

Cleaning air conditioning filters is relatively easy, and can be done on your own if you have a wall-mounted split system.

What’s more, it can also significantly reduce your energy bill too!

A clogged filter forms a physical barrier to cool (or warm) air. As a result, your HVAC system needs to work extra hard to provide the same level of comfort.

And that directly translates into higher electricity usage.

By ensuring your air conditioning filters are clean and well-maintained, you can lower your energy consumption by anywhere between 5% and 15%.

5) Use energy-efficient appliances

The more stars, the better!

Electrical appliances have made leaps and bounds in energy efficiency over the last decade – so much so that they’ve recently been forced to move from a 6-star energy rating to a 10-star system.

How amazing is that?

electrician melbourne

If your appliances are long overdue for replacement or upgrades, our electricians in Melbourne suggest using this as an opportunity to choose the most energy-efficient system possible.

Trust us, your wallet will thank you later on!

6) Dry your clothes on the line whenever possible

As they say, patience is a virtue!

While the clothes dryer may make things more convenient, they also consume a lot of electricity. The typical clothes dryer costs around $203 per year (based on one load a week).

Is it raining outside?

Luckily, you still have options – consider setting up a clothesline or rack in a well-ventilated room with plenty of natural light. While not as good as an outdoors clothesline, it’s certainly more energy-efficient than using the dryer.

7) Book an electrical inspection with your local sparky

In addition to identifying electrical faults by performing an electrical inspection, our electricians in Melbourne will also provide energy-saving tips to help reduce your quarterly energy bill.

For example, we might identify certain fixtures or appliances that could do with replacing, or which have been surpassed by more energy-efficient alternatives.

And if you do decide to update your appliances and fittings, DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF! You’ll need a qualified electrician in Melbourne to carry out the installation!

You can also check out this article for some common electrical DIY mistakes that our Melbourne electricians usually find.

Save electricity with the help of an electrician in Melbourne

Saving energy can be quite challenging. The good news is that our electricians in Melbourne can help with advice and electrical services.

Aside from these money-saving tips, you can start saving electricity and money even before you begin building or renovating your house.

Our electricians in Melbourne shared with us some electrical tips when building a house in this article.

Need more tips on how to cut your electricity usage?

Want old appliances and fixtures replaced with energy-saving alternatives?

Want a professional’s opinion about the most energy-efficient appliances and devices on the market?

Our electricians can help you with this, and more.

We provide a range of domestic and commercial electrical services with the goal of making your home or business’ electrical wiring, systems and appliances are:

  • Safe
  • Comfortable
  • As energy-efficient as possible

Whether it’s a routine installation or an emergency callout, contact our team of electricians in Melbourne today.

Call 1300 300 222 or fill in the form to see how we can help you cut down your electricity bill!

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