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5 tips from our electrician in Melbourne when building a house

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Building your dream home or renovating your current one is exciting – it’s also a lot of work!

From the design, to connecting appliances, to the nitty-gritty details of choosing the right fixtures and finishes to go into your kitchen and bathroom, a lot of thought goes into your project.

And it isn’t just aesthetics, either!

The practical side of things is crucial when it comes to planning your construction or renovation – in particular, it’s crucial that you plan out the electrical component of your project as this will lay the foundation for everything else going forward:

  • Appliances
  • Socket placement
  • Electrical capacity

To make sure your plan comes out properly, our electricians in Melbourne have put together this list of electrical tips that you should bring into your construction or renovation.

Our electricians in Melbourne share 5 must-know electrical tips when building or renovating a house

Tip #1: carefully plan the location of your electrical outlets and wirings

Before deciding on the placement of your appliances and other electrical devices, you’ll want to begin by determining the layout of your electrical wirings and the locations of outlets.

Be sure to think about:

  • How many electrical sockets you’ll need
  • Where electrical appliances are going to go
  • How many appliances you need to power

For example, home theatres are going to need extra sockets to handle speakers, projectors, mood lights and other equipment you need.

Careful planning ensures that you don’t have to play hot potato with the few electrical sockets you do have.

Whatever you do, don’t just randomly put sockets without any regard for these important considerations!

Go in without a plan, and you might find yourself relying on extension cords or power strips to keep everything powered – why bother with all of that when you could have an electrical system that perfectly meets your needs right off the bat?

Not only that, but it’s important to plan for the future as well.

While the current plan may power your home for the foreseeable future, what if you have big plans for a specific room? What if you plan on adding a CCTV system to your home after the fact?

The last thing you want is to have to bring your sparkie back on to extend your electrical work months down the line when you could get it all finished upfront!

Tip #2: plan out your lighting

If you’re like most people, planning out your lighting pretty much means going to a lighting store and choosing the fixtures that you think look prettiest – details like voltage rarely get the same amount of consideration!

Your lighting needs to be just as functional as it is aesthetically-pleasing – that means thinking about:

  • Types of lighting – accent, ambient and task lighting
  • Brightness – not just lumens, but whether or not you need dimmable lights
  • Outdoor lighting – crucial for helping you navigate in the dark and ideal for entertaining!

When planning your lighting, you should consider first what you are going to do with a particular area. If a room is for study or work purposes, you will need task lighting, with a particular focus on work spaces like kitchen benches.

It’s also important to ensure that lights are spaced so you don’t overlight your home. Not only does it make things uncomfortably bright, but it’s also a waste of electricity.

Speaking of which…

Tip #3: think about energy efficiency

Who likes paying their power bill? Absolutely nobody – luckily, there are ways to bring your power bill down by carefully designing your electrical setup.

The right fixtures, lights and more can all reduce the amount of energy you use up – and thereby, bring your power bill down.

Lights are the biggest culprit – when choosing things like lights, you’ll want to look at power usage, as well as whether or not there are any additions you can make to bring down your energy use such as dimmable lights.

(Our recommendations? LED lights – not only are they the most efficient lights on the market, but they’re also brighter, and last way longer than traditional bulbs!)

You can also check our these must know tips from our electricians in Melbourne for saving energy especially this summer.

Melbourne electrician

This is another area where we can help you out – our domestic electricians in Melbourne can help decipher what it all means, translating the jargon into something you can make sense of (and therefore, use to make a decision!)

Tip #4: safety comes first

Safety switches, circuit breakers, GFCI outlets… each of these are crucial in protecting your property from the inherent dangers of electricity.

They’re also things that most homeowners aren’t super aware of!

When planning the electrical part of your home renovation or construction project, you’ll need to think about sorts of electrical safety features you’ll need to build into the design.

It’s also important that you choose fittings, wires, outlets and more that comply with Australian construction standards.

Fortunately for you, this is something our electricians in Melbourne can help you with.

We bring our knowledge of electrical safety and standards to your job, our Melbourne electricians also provide electrical inspection, assessing the risk and advising you about what safety features you might need to keep your property and family safe.

Tip #5: Call an expert electrician in Melbourne

And we don’t just mean for the actual installation, either!

The best piece of advice we can offer is to bring a sparkie on as early as possible.

That’s because our electrician in Melbourne don’t just install your electrical circuitry and wiring – we can also help from the point of design, bringing our expertise and knowledge into the planning phase of your project.

For example, our electrical team can:

  • Design your electrical system
  • Point out potential issues
  • Propose workarounds for renovation challenges
  • Ensure your electrical plan fits your blueprints
  • Help you strike the best balance between performance and aesthetics

All of which can help you avoid all sorts of problems further down the line!

Our team works alongside your architect, structural engineer and other tradies to ensure that your plan can come together safely and that it’s free of complications and issues.

For more safety and money-saving electrical tips, you can check out this another article.

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