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When do I need an electrical inspection?

The purpose of an electrical inspection is to identify – and consequently rectify – any electrical hazards that are present in a specific building, home, office, or other commercial space. Getting an inspection done before a purchase can sometimes help you negotiate a lower price if it’s been found that a property is filled with a variety of electrical hazards.

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1. Before you buy property

Buying a home or other type of property is an extremely important milestone in life.

It is exciting and scary all rolled into one. An electrical inspection identifies any electrical faults within your dream property, which, as we mentioned above, can also help you to negotiate a lower price: undisclosed faults can end up costing you more to repair in the long run, let alone the cost of any potential damage that could arise from these faults.

If you’re in the market for a new property – whether it’s your first purchase or another notch in your portfolio belt – you must organise a pre-purchase electrical inspection. Not only can it save you money in the long-term, it could also save a life!

2. Before you lease commercial property

The commercial property market can be hasty, which is why it’s important to schedule a prompt electrical inspection when you’re searching for a new office or commercial dwelling. We understand that sometimes timing pressures can make it easier to skip an obligatory inspection, so ask yourself, is the risk worth it?

3. If you live in an old house

If your property is more than 25-30 years old, you should consider an electrical safety inspection. These inspections should be conducted periodically for as long as you are a tenant or resident of that home.

How often should electrical systems be inspected?


Homes should have an electrical inspection every 5-10 years, or, as stated above, when buying/selling.


Due to their more robust and complicated nature, commercial properties (including warehouses, factories, and even commercial offices) should be inspected every 2-5 years. Additionally, during change of occupancy.

What is checked during an electrical inspection?

When we visit your property, we conduct a thorough inspection of all electrical circuits, fixtures, fittings. The goal is to identify and troubleshoot smaller faults before they have the potential to escalate into larger issues. Safety is our number one priority. Following an inspection, you have peace of mind that your electrical system is safe and working as intended.

During your inspection, our electricians in Melbourne will inspect, identify, and report on:

  • Electrical mistakes that may have been made by a previous contractor or DIY homeowner
  • Outdated wiring systems
  • Ways you’re potentially wasting electricity
  • Damaged wiring that poses a fire hazard
  • Your safety switch
  • Faulty lighting
  • Smoke detectors
  • Testing and tagging
  • Surge protection
  • And much more…

If you have any concerns about the electrical systems in your home, follow your instincts and organise a peace-of-mind electrical inspection.

What kind of concerns should I be aware of?

  • Sparking or dead outlets
  • Experienced any electric shock
  • Flickering light bulbs or bulbs burning faster than usual
  • Unusually high electricity bills
  • Tripping safety switch

How do electricians check for faulty wiring?

Wiring is a particularly tricky element of your home’s electrical system to inspect due to its extensive distribution across a property. As such, it can be rather time-consuming.

First, your electrician will check your meter, looking out for any defects. Next, we check each outlet and socket, measuring voltage and ensuring safe electrical distribution.

Depending on the issues found (including old or faulty wiring) we may be able to provide localised fixes. In some cases, however (particularly older homes) we may advise complete rewiring. This is a long-term solution that brings your home’s outdated wiring system into the 21st Century. It ensures your home can keep up with today’s energy-hungry demands.

Electrical inspection report

Your Briggs Electrical electrician typically requires one to three hours to conduct the inspection. The time needed is dependent on the specific building type we are inspecting as well as the complexity of the electrical network.

Once the inspection is complete, we provide you with a copy of the report. We can also quote you on the spot for any electrical issues that we believe can and must be promptly fixed.

Electrical inspection

The main causes of electrical injuries

Every year, people end up in hospital with various injuries caused by electricity. Whether it was a faulty appliance or some unqualified person taking an electrical task into his or her own hand, people still neglect the danger electricity presents.

There are many ways people find themselves being harmed by electricity. These are some of the most common:

Inadequate experience or knowledge

That is, amateurs taking a task into their own hands, thinking they can save some dollars if they DIY. The neglect to recognise the danger they place themselves in.

DIY electrical work is illegal. Moreover, it puts you, your family, and your property at risk of serious injury or death. No matter the task at hand, ensure all domestic electrical services are conducted by a licensed and qualified electrician.

Poor maintenance

Inadequate maintenance means it’s easier for faulty items to slip through undetected. The risk here is that they quickly become a ticking time bomb, set to injure anyone who gets too close.

Working on live equipment

Failure to suspend electrical supply prior to electrical work is foolish and can be fatal. From November 2015 to January 2016 – that’s just three months – WorkSafe reported 21 incidents that involved contact with electricity at a workplace. Of those 21 reports, four resulted in a work-related fatality. That’s four too many.

Faulty equipment or appliances

The main culprits here are frayed or damaged extension cords, damaged electric outlets, and faulty eclectic appliances (think kettles, toasters, and hairdryers). Further, faulty appliances can consume more electricity, resulting in rising bills.


Organise an electrical inspection in Melbourne

Whether you’re inspecting a new commercial property or you’re concerned your older home may be posing some electrical risks, organise an electrical inspection from Melbourne’s Briggs Electrical.

Our on-site inspections are comprehensive and offer you complete peace-of-mind that your property, as well as your family, colleagues, and yourself are safe.

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