Ask an emergency electrician: how to identify frayed wiring

Ask an emergency electrician: how to identify frayed wiring

As an emergency electrician we understand that one of the biggest hazards facing homes and businesses is potentially frayed wiring.

A hidden danger, you might not even know your home is suffering from wiring issues and therefore susceptible to electrical dangers. 

As such, our team has put together a list of things to look out for that may indicate your wiring needs to be inspected, repaired, or replaced. Read on to learn more.

What causes frayed wiring?

Before we dive into the signs to look out for, let’s first example three of the most common causes of frayed wiring in your home’s electrical system. 

  1. Poorly installed wiring – Wiring that is not installed correctly can cause fraying due to strain and tension on the wires over time.
  2. Age of the wiring – Older wiring may be more prone to fraying due to wear and tear.
  3. Animals chewing – Rodents and other animals can chew through wiring, resulting in frayed wires.

If you notice any of these things happening around your home, don’t wait – call an emergency electrician immediately.

And whatever you do, don’t try to fix it yourself!

Need urgent support? Call our emergency electrician in Melbourne!

No matter the time of day, or the day of the year, Briggs Electrical is ready to take your call!

For non-urgent matters, you can always lodge a job through our website, but if you’re in need of urgent assistance, give us a call anytime on 1300 300 222.

Our emergency electrician identifies common signs your wiring might be frayed

1) Flickering lights

If you notice  flickering of the lights in your house or workplace, you may have a faulty lightbulb – in other cases however, there could very well be something wrong with your electrical wiring!

In many cases, a flickering light can be caused by the wiring to your lights becoming frayed, which in turn causes them to flicker.

There could also be additional electrical issues in your home electrical circuit causing your lights to flicker on and off.

Regardless of the cause, our electricians in Brighton can take a look at your electrical system.

2) Sparking outlets

If any of your outlets spark, call an emergency electrician straight away!

Sparking outlets can very quickly lead to electrical fires. It is imperative you get in contact with a professional electrician immediately should you notice this occurring in your home or business.

Long story short, any type of sparking whatsoever can be a warning sign that there is something wrong with either your electrical wiring or the appliance you are using.

When this happens, turn the power off straight away, unplug the appliance if you are using one and wait for your emergency electrician to arrive.

3) Electrical buzzing sound

If you hear a persistent buzzing or humming sound coming from any light fixtures or appliances in your home, it’s important to take this as a sign of a possible underlying electrical problem.

Loose parts, failing switches and wiring issues could all be causing the noise, and issues like these should not be left unresolved for long.

Without professional repair, more serious problems may arise including power outages, while damaged components can create property damage or even start a fire.

Fortunately, this type of electrical issue is relatively easy for an experienced technician to diagnose and fix. If you’re hearing buzzing or humming noises, get in touch with our electricians in Bentleigh today.

Can a frayed wire electrocute you?

Yes – electrocution is one of the ways a frayed wire can cause injury.  They can also lead to electrical fires, and are considered a direct violation of building and safety regulations.

A frayed wire can lead to injury through Electrocution

Electricity is dangerous – we shouldn’t have to tell you that.

Frayed wires mean that all that power that surges through your home is completely exposed – if you come into contact with a frayed wire, you could be electrocuted.

Depending upon the strength of the electric current and how long you’re exposed to it, you may suffer from a range of consequences:

  • Skin burn
  • Tissue burn
  • Heart damage

Electricity is no laughing matter –  it can cause very serious injuries when not respected properly, and can even be fatal.

Don’t risk it – the moment you notice one of the symptoms mentioned above, get in touch with an 24 hr emergency electrician in Richmond!

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Frayed wiring is a common cause of Electrical fires

In addition to the potential for physical injury, frayed and exposed wires can also damage your house,

The CFA responds to an average of 3,000 house fires a year – that’s 3,000 too many.

And many of these fires are electrical in nature.

Fortunately, a lot of these fires could be prevented by having your electrical systems regularly maintained.

This is especially important for businesses that use a lot of power. Due to the increased load and heavier usage, wires are more susceptible to wear-and-tear, which may in turn cause fraying.

To avoid this, we suggest scheduling regular electrical inspections. Using their wealth of knowledge, your electrician will identify and replace frayed wires before they have a chance to do serious damage.

Frayed and damaged wiring can be a direct code violation

If there are frayed or damaged wires in your workplace, you may be in breach of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) standards if you don’t take swift action to fix it.

And in the worst-case scenario that one of your workers is hurt in the process, you could be liable.

If there is the slightest chance of frayed wires in your workplace, you need to have a commercial electrician inspect your system immediately. You won’t just be protecting your employees – you’ll be protecting your business, too.

Think you have frayed wires? Call an emergency electrician ASAP!

Our residential and commercial electrical team at Briggs Electrical has more than 15 years’ experience providing quality electrical services to homes, businesses, and commercial premises across Melbourne.

And that includes emergency electrical services.

You can rely on our team of 24 hour emergency electricians in Melbourne for all your emergency needs, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Whether it’s a weekend, a public holiday, or after hours, we promise to be there for you when you need it the most.

Our team of emergency electricians will:

  • Identify and remove the hazard
  • Find additional hazards
  • Keep your home and workplace safe

Our domestic and commercial electrical contractors in Melbourne are dedicated to keeping your, your family, your business, and your property safe from the dangers of electricity. Our electrician Mentone, emergency electrician Richmond, emergency electrician Prahran, electrician Kingston are ready to attend to your needs, wherever you are in the Melbourne area.

If you have any concerns or need support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can lodge a job online or give us a call on 1300 300 222.

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