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Five tips for creating the perfect home theatre

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Wanting to upgrade your home by installing a home theatre in a spare room?

Suppose you’ve outgrown your chunky TV, weak audio, and the picture quality of your current set-up.

Luckily setting up a chic home theatre is always possible with the help of an electrician.

You may think that DIY home theatre installations save you time and money, but you may find yourself at a loss when it comes to placing your home theatre components – such as wirings and cables – in their proper places.

So if you’re unsure how to install or upgrade a home theatre, then it’s best to consult a team of expert local electricians like Briggs, who will safely and efficiently bring your home theatre to life.

Five tips to create the perfect home theatre experience

Installing a home theatre requires careful planning, budgeting, and execution. You need to know what you want and how you want to achieve it.

If you are considering DIY home theatre installation, you may get confused about the wires, cables, and power sources of all the equipment you need to install it.

If you want to create a perfect home theatre experience, here are some tips that you need to consider in the process.

Tip #1: Consider your choice of home theatre location

Location is everything, especially when it comes to your home theatre.

If you think that any vacant room in your home is the perfect area for a home theatre, then you might need to think more carefully.

If you are in the process of building your home with a detailed plan of attaching a home theatre, then, by all means, go!

But if you happen to have a vacant space that you want to convert as a home theatre, then you might need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the room spacious enough?
  • What is the seating capacity?
  • Do you have a high ceiling?
  • Do you plan to install a flat-screen or projector?
  • Can you effectively stop light from entering the room?

What size should a home theatre room be?

While there is in many cases no wrong answer, the standard requirement is a room that is at least 15 by 20 feet. However, when planning for your home theatre space, you need to ensure that your sound system will not take up too much of this room.

Depending on the available space, you may opt to go smaller than the recommended size.

Tip #2: Install good lighting

Appealing theatre lighting affects the overall ambience of your home theatre. You may need to add dimmers and other lighting effects to achieve the mood you want for your space.

You can never depend on just your preferences when it comes to installing home theatre lights.

An expert electrician in Melbourne can help you install the right type of lighting so you can achieve the right ambience for your home theatre.

Tip #3: Choose a good quality sound system

A great home theatre experience is achieved through a stellar audio system.

You may need to familiarise yourself with the different kinds of speakers to find the best audio experience.

Speakers may vary from:

  • The main left and right speakers
  • The centre channel speaker
  • Height speakers
  • Subwoofers

Speaker placement is an important factor to consider as speakers should be situated in the front, back, and at the centre of your home theatre space.

The location of each speaker should be in the most ideal position so that the best quality sound can be achieved.

Not sure where to place your speakers? It can be tricky finding the right spot!

Luckily, our expert electricians have a ton of experience planning, designing, and installing speaker systems in home theatres. Briggs will devise the right configuration for you.

Even if you are on a tight budget, you should never compromise the quality of your sound system, and you should consider its long-term benefits when it comes to your home theatre.

There are so many types of speakers, and each function differently; that’s why it’s best to have an expert properly install your sound system for you.

You may need to make sure that the size and the layout of your home theatre will best compensate for your sound system.

Tip #4: Insert your wirings and cables in place

Surround sound needs specialised wirings and cables. You will need to be familiar with the right type of wirings to connect to your system without them showing or becoming a tripping hazard.

Since your speakers may have lengthy electrical wirings, make sure that you place them where they cannot be seen for a streamlined look.

Our electricians can help you safely install and layout your cable wirings so they won’t get in the way and so that fewer distractions are seen on the ceilings and walls of your home theatre.

Contact us today for a custom home theatre wiring solution.

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How do you wire a home theatre system?

Wiring your home theatre is mostly about connecting matching terminal connections.

Incorrect connections of wiring or cables will make your system not operate or make only some components work – which can be even more frustrating.

You’ll also need high-quality electrical wirings that will not compromise the safety and quality of your home’s electrical system as a whole.

So if you are planning on a DIY installation, you may need to think again as the length, quality, and placement of your wires and cables affects how everything runs in your system.

Tip #5: Seek the help of an expert electrician

Home theatre installation in Melbourne involves a lot of decisions, such as the location and placement of speakers and projectors, and the configuration of wirings and cables.

One way to ensure that everything is in the right place is to call a professional Melbourne electrician.

Home theatre set-up requires an expert electrician’s technical skills and expertise to take care of your home theatre components such as monitors, speakers, cable wires, and power sources.

Electricians are trained and experienced in creating the best quality design and layout for your entertainment space.

Installing or upgrading your home theatre?

Call Briggs Electrical today!

Do you lack the technical and aesthetic skills when it comes to home theatre installation?

Don’t worry: Briggs is here to help!

Briggs Electrical is your trusted partner in providing you with the home theatre design that you’ve been dreaming of!

Whether you’re in the process of building, renovating, planning, or installing your home theatre space, doing it alone can be complicated, and can even cause damage to the components as you renovate it.

Briggs provides you with an effective quality home theatre solution that includes:

When planning and installing your home theatre system, make sure that you only work with a registered and qualified team of electricians that can deliver the right electrical solutions to your home and business.

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