Installing smoke alarms: our Melbourne electricians explain

Installing smoke alarms: our Melbourne electricians explain

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. 

Can you rely on your smoke alarms to effectively and accurately detect that there’s a fire in your home or workplace, soon after it breaks out?

In just a matter of seconds, a fire can spread, causing serious damage to your property and putting lives at risk.

Along with common sense and safety measures, the best defence you have is smoke alarms.

But having them installed is just one part of the equation. They need to be installed in opportune places, to ensure that they can perform their job in the best and most reactive way possible.

In most cases, replacing batteries (or even the alarm itself) simply means keeping it in the same spot.

However in some cases – such as during renovations or a new build – you’ll need to ensure your builder and Highett electrician install the alarms in the right places throughout your home. 

Unsure where to put your smoke alarms? Need your current units replaced? Want to instalk more in your home or commercial property?

Then you better contact our expert electricians in Melbourne on 1300 300 222. Alternatively, you can lodge a job online today.

Installing smoke alarms at home and in the workplace

Always remember that early detection of fire is achieved only when your alarms are properly positioned and correctly installed in your home or workplace. 

Smoke alarm in the kitchen

Any amateur chef knows that smoke and heat is a normal part of the cooking process.

That’s why the placement of your kitchen smoke detector is often the one that needs the most precision. 

This means that smoke detectors should be installed at least 10 feet / 3 metres away from any kitchen appliances of fittings that may trigger ‘false alarms’, such as the stovetop, oven, or toaster. 

Photoelectric smoke detectors are good at detecting larger particles “typical of smoky, smouldering fires”, and not so good at detecting smoke typical of a cooking scenario.

As such, they’re a smart choice for the kitchen area, as they’re less prone to false alarms. 

Some smoke alarms also have a temperature adjustment feature which can be adjusted to best fit your kitchen atmosphere.

Smoke alarms in the bedroom 

Before we head to the bedroom, let’s linger in the hallway for a moment.

At an absolute minimum, smoke alarms should be installed immediately outside bedrooms. Ideally though, they should be installed in each bedroom.

Think of your own home’s layout when you read the following: smoke alarms must be located in areas between bedrooms and the rest of the home.

That typically means corridors and hallways, but also rooms that directly lead to bedrooms.

Say you’ve got two bedrooms off the living room, while bedroom 3 can be found down its own hallway on the other side of the house. That means you’ll need, at minimum, an alarm:

  • In the lounge, right outside bedrooms 1 and 2
  • In the hallway outside bedroom 3

However, it is highly advised that each bedroom be fitted with a smoke alarm.

Provide your family the very best protection by following the rules and ensuing your home’s smoke alarm system obeys the law.

For complete peace of mind, call our electricians in Melbourne. We’ll give you immediately advice and can come round to install, test, or replace your alarms.

 Smoke alarm tips

  • Don’t install smoke alarms near windows, vents or fans as they may fail to pick up on smoke or fire
  • Test monthly, change batteries annually, and replace devices every 10 years 
  • If you are renting, it is your responsibility to promptly alert your landlord to a faulty smoke alarm
  • It is your landlord’s responsibility to replace batteries annually

Dealing with Electrical Fires

In addition to smoke alarms, addressing the risk of electrical fires is paramount.

Our expert electricians in Highett offer a range of services, including electrical inspections to identify and rectify potential hazards.

From blown fuses and switch failures to lighting and appliance issues, our team is equipped to handle any of your electrical needs.

Our reliable electricians also shared with us some warning signs that your electrical system may pose a risk of fire here. You may also check out some tips on how to prevent electrical fire in this article.

Need new smoke alarms in your home? Call our electricians in Melbourne

Protect your home – and most importantly – your loved ones, from the risk of fire with a lawful and effective smoke alarm solution.

Briggs’ domestic electricians can help homeowners and landlords increase their ability to detect fire and evacuate without injury through our smoke alarm testing, replacing, and installation services. 

Our expert electricians work out-of-hours and during the weekend to meet even the most demanding electrical conditions that you face in your home.

Our reliable, qualified, and friendly retam offer a range of electrical services for all kinds of properties, including homes, commercial offices, apartment blocks, factories, and retail stores:

  • Lighting
  • CCTV/security cameras
  • Safety switches
  • Fibre optic wiring
  • Data and telephone phones
  • 3 phase outlets

Electrical safety is our priority: we can also conduct electrical inspections to stop potential issues in their tracks.

We offer a variety of services to reduce the risk of electrical fire and other hazardous emergencies, including: 

A proactive approach to addressing outdated wiring systems can also significantly reduce the risk of electrical hazards over time.

Rely on our team of electricians in Melbourne: call Briggs on 1300 300 222 or lodge a job online to schedule your electrical requirements today.

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