CCTV camera installation in your home

CCTV camera installation in your home

There’s been a lot of debate in recent years about CCTV in public places and the privacy issues surrounding it. What can’t be denied however is that it works in discouraging crime!

With that in mind, have you ever thought about CCTV camera installation to keep your home or business safer and prevent crimes?

At Briggs Electrical, we certainly have!

We hope these reasons help you understand the benefit of installing a home security system in your home or workplace.

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CCTV installation in Melbourne: fight off crime before it even begins

Criminals better think twice before attempting to do anything untoward when the CCTV camera is watching.

The reason is because the vast majority burglaries are crimes of opportunity. The vast majority of burglars don’t operate like they do in the movies with blueprints, complicated multi-stage plans and slick editing.

Rather, most real-world burglars see an opportunity to quickly get in and out without being spotted – and they take it!

The key takeaway: burglars target a home or business when they think there’s low risk of them being caught.

That’s why security experts around the world recommend installing highly visible alarm systems and cameras – a camera means that they can be easily recognised and identified!

Yes, that’s right – the mere presence of CCTV cameras on your property can ward off the majority of burglars and thieves, stopping crime before it even begins!

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CCTV installation offers peace of mind for businesses

No matter the type of business you’re in, security is paramount.

At the end of each work day, we lock up and head home – this is true for all workers. But are the locks on your doors enough to keep would-be burglars out?

Whether you’re home for the evening or overseas on an extended trip, CCTV installation at your workplace offers constant peace of mind, no matter where you may be.

For businesses, CCTV offers even more than just protection from crime:

    • Live feeds allow you to quickly and easily view various areas of your workplace
    • Modern CCTV technology requires little maintenance
    • Can help improve customer and staff safety
    • CCTV footage could help lower liability and insurance costs

Many newer CCTV systems can be synced up with your smartphone so you can check up on your business anywhere, and anytime.

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Protect your home and business with security cameras

In Victoria, there are nearly 100 burglaries happening daily, with up to two homes burgled every day in Melbourne’s worst-hit suburbs.  

These statistics only emphasise how important it is to keep your home and business protected from breaks-ins; even in a “safe” suburb, it never pays to be complacent.

If you’re looking to ramp up security at your home or business (or both), why not chat to the team at Briggs Electrical about CCTV installation?

Whether you are away for the day or for an extended period of time, your CCTV system will continue to work, monitoring your home or workplace 24/7.

Interested to learn more? Call the team on 1300 300 222 or fill in this form and we will get back to you! 

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