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Taking ceiling fan installation for a spin

Don’t underestimate the power and capabilities of the humble ceiling fan. They’re cleverer than you might think: as blades spin in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, they can be used in winter as well as during summer!

It’s true that many people these days – thanks to the supreme advancement of air conditioning units and technology – are not really interested in investing in ceiling fans. However the unique value of a ceiling fan is that during warm weather, it can lower the feel of a room’s temperature by several degrees… without actually changing the actual temperature.

How is that beneficial? It means during summer, you can comfortably raise your thermostat (thus saving you power) due to the fact you’re in a room that feels cooler and more comfortable than it actually is. The same principle goes for winter, too.

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How do ceiling fans work?

Ceiling fans cool a space in summer

As we said above, the goal of a ceiling fan is not to reduce the temperature in a room, but to oscillate to give the desired sensation that the room feels cooler.

As you can contentedly raise the thermostat without compromising comfort, you can enjoy reduced energy consumption and therefore lower energy costs. Modern ceiling fans are also super quiet and super efficient.

The effect of moving air making us feel cooler is known as the “wind chill effect”.

Ceiling fans help heat a space in winter

How then might a ceiling fan also work to help warm up a room during the cooler months of the year? The secret lies in the direction in which the blades spin.

Picture a cosy winter’s night: you’ve got the heater on and your snuggled on the couch, in your pyjamas and warm socks, wrapped in a blanket. The heater is at a pleasant temperature, but you still feel that chill. Why? Because hot air rises, of course!

And when hot air rises, something else needs to make way for it. As the air above cools, the newly heated air, as it rises, pushes the cooler air down again.

When a ceiling fan spins at a relatively low speed in the opposite direction, it pushes that hot air back down – towards you – and helps maintain a consistent and pleasant temperature. As a result, just as with a cooler temperature in summer, you’re able to turn the thermostat down slightly while still maintaining comfort.


Ceiling fans look good

Today, ceiling fans come in a range of styles to suit most aesthetics and home décor.

They’re built with a range of blade widths and angles, and many modern fans are designed to enclose a light fitting, too, allow you to benefit from a fan and lighting within a single unit.


They can be used outdoors, too

Manufacturers understand the diverse ways that ceiling fans can be installed, and that includes both indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor fans are common in areas like cabanas, verandas, and porches, while indoor fans can be a part of almost any room in the home.

Outdoor fans are made from high quality materials designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and unique conditions like rain and temperature extremes. Indoor fans are seldom exposed to the same conditions as an outdoor fan.

Remember though that indoor fans are not built to withstand the outdoors. You risk premature damage and wear if you choose to use an indoor fan outside.

Outdoor fans are usually used only during summer with the same principle as indoor fans: to create that wind chill effect to give the illusion that the temperature is lower than it actually is.

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Ceiling fans work hand in hand with your aircon and heating

Ceiling fans complement an air conditioning unit and heating system by better circulating the air and therefore easing the strain required by these appliances during hot and cold climates.

As a result, you can benefit from lower operational costs from these more expensive appliances.

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