The truth about sparkies: our Melbourne electricians bust 5 electrician myths!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: when it comes to electricity, DIY should be the very last thing on your mind! Electricity is dangerous, plain and simple. [...]

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Bought a new shop? Why you need a commercial electrician in Melbourne, ASAP!

Whether you are starting a new business, or simply having works or renovations done on an existing one, then you are going to want to hire a highly-qualified, experienced commercial [...]

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When to get a Melbourne electrician to update your electrical system

It has never been more important than in today’s power-reliant world to be confident in your electrical system. However, at some point everyone finds themselves in a sticky situation with [...]

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A Melbourne electrician’s 7 must-know tips for saving energy this summer

While summer might be winding down, by no means is it over. And with Melbourne’s, shall we say, unpredictable weather, there’s every chance we might still be hit by another [...]

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A Melbourne electrician explains cupboard, cabinet & wardrobe lighting

It isn’t just the big-ticket changes that really “make” your home renovation project - if you ask us, the little details are equally important! Little things can have a big [...]

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Briggs shares golden tips for security lighting and CCTV installation

Briggs’ team of qualified electricians in Melbourne are passionate about devising and implementing solutions in your home and business to enhance aesthetics, your quality of life, and of course, your [...]

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