An electrician in Melbourne shares important home theatre installation considerations

Excited for the prospect of adding a home theatre to your house? Home theatre installation is a big job - it’s not as simple as mounting a TV and calling [...]

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A Melbourne electrician shares everything you need to know about electrical overloads

You’re heading down to the kitchen to make yourself a sandwich. You select ingredients from your fridge, take bread from the pantry and plug your toaster in. You insert the [...]

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Looking for a sparky? Our tips for finding a qualified electrician in Melbourne

Has your house blown a fuse? Planning for a home cinema of your very own? Looking to bring your business’ electrical health into the 21st century? No matter your circumstances, [...]

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The 4 most common electrical problems your commercial electrician deals with

As a leading commercial electrician in Melbourne, Briggs Electrical has worked with all sorts of businesses for their electrical needs. Offices, factories, restaurants… you name it, and we’ve done it. [...]

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An emergency electrician explains the 5 most common home electrical problems

When was the last time you organised an inspection of your home’s electrical wiring? Electricity is dangerous, full stop. And electrical inspections are a proactive way of protecting your home [...]

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Spotlight: a commercial electrician in Melbourne explains 4 essential security lighting tips

Running a business is a lot like having a child. You nurture it as it grows. It keeps you up at night. You’ll often be forced to get your hands [...]

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Looking for a sparkie? A Moorabbin electrician shares 4 steps to find a great electrician… for life!

Everybody knows that electricity is dangerous. It’s something that’s drilled into us from an early age. As such, when your home faces electrical problems, it’s completely natural to panic a [...]

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