An emergency electrician explains the 5 most common home electrical problems

When was the last time you organised an inspection of your home’s electrical wiring? Electricity is dangerous, full stop. And electrical inspections are a proactive way of protecting your home [...]

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Spotlight: a commercial electrician in Melbourne explains 4 essential security lighting tips

Running a business is a lot like having a child. You nurture it as it grows. It keeps you up at night. You’ll often be forced to get your hands [...]

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Looking for a sparkie? A Moorabbin electrician shares 4 steps to find a great electrician… for life!

Everybody knows that electricity is dangerous. It’s something that’s drilled into us from an early age. As such, when your home faces electrical problems, it’s completely natural to panic a [...]

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The essential guide to home theatre installation – your local electrician explains all!

Everyone loves the movies. In the old days, the local cinema was our only option. However, thanks to HD television, surround-sound and on-demand streaming, home theatres are more affordable than [...]

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An electrician in Melbourne explains how home and office rewiring brings you into the 21st century

It seems like every household appliance is turning into a smart device nowadays! Modern fridges have tablets built in, you can search the web on your TV, and self-driving cars [...]

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A commercial electrician in Melbourne shares tips for your next electrical fit-out

Rome wasn’t built in a day - and the same goes for your building project! Building, renovating, or fitting out a commercial space isn’t an overnight process. An office block, [...]

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