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CCTV installation

5 must-know reasons why you need CCTV installation in your home

Security is always be at the top of every homeowner’s list of priorities. From changing the locks when you move in to installing security systems, such features are a must when it comes to protecting your home, your valuables, and most importantly, your family. One such security measure that’s quickly taking off is Closed-Circuit Television, […]

home theatre installation Melbourne

The essential guide to home theatre installation – your local electrician explains all!

Everyone loves the movies. In the old days, the local cinema was our only option. However, thanks to HD television, surround-sound and on-demand streaming, home theatres are more affordable than ever. Nowadays, it’s possible to get the full cinema experience without overpriced popcorn littering the floor, people talking, and half an hour worth of ads! […]

Richmond electrician

9 essential questions you should always ask your Richmond electrician

Electricity plays a huge role in our everyday lives… to the point where it’s become something we can’t live without! And when our electricity fails, we must enlist the help of an electrician. We’re not going to beat around the bush – electricity is dangerous. On average, 11 workers die from contact with electricity each […]


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