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Basic electrical safety tips for your home and workplace

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There’s always a danger when it comes to DIY electrical jobs.

And while some electrical tweaking may seem crucial to everyone’s life, both at home and at work, it can also cause accidents, injury, and even death.

Electrical problems can happen at any time.

So when things get out of hand, especially in emergencies, then it is best to save the number of our emergency electrician in Bayside. Call Briggs anytime on 1300 300 222.

Basic electrical safety tips

Basic electrical safety protects you from electrical dangers.

You need to apply these safety measures everyday so that you can reduce risk and avoid any accidents.

We hone in on how exactly to handle certain electrical equipment. These basic safety tips could save a life!

What is basic electrical safety?

Safety measures, attention to detail, and basic technical knowledge are key to achieving electrical safety.

Electrical accidents can happen anytime; that’s why basic electrical safety measures must be observed and applied at home and at your workplace at all times.


It is critical to keep all cords in good condition for safe operations and functions.

Make sure that you always:

  • Organise and secure all electrical cords to avoid tangling and twisting
  • Never use cords for any other purpose outside what they’re made for
  • Make sure to plug electrical cords firmly in their outlets
  • Avoid loose cords as much as possible
  • Place cords in places where they are not a tripping hazard
  • Use extension cords sparingly
  • Always pull the cord from its head; never pull on the cord itself to remove it from the outlet


From electric kettles and microwave ovens to refrigerators, appliances are an essential part of your household and work kitchen.

That’s why it is important to make sure that they operate as safely as possible.

Always remember to:

  • Turn off unused appliances
  • Follow safety appliance instructions for repairs, upgrades, and installations
  • Protect your appliances from water damage
  • Do not touch appliances when your hands are wet
  • Keep combustible materials away from heating sources

Light bulbs

No matter the room of the home or area of the office, light bulbs are in operation. That’s why everyone must ensure that they follow basic safety tips to keep the home and office safe.

That includes:

  • Using the right electrical wattage for your light bulb fixture to avoid overheating
  • Choosing more efficient, newer LED lights over CFL bulbs
  • Securing bulbs tightly to avoid short circuits and sparks
  • Turning off the light switch before unplugging the light bulb

Power points and outlets

Keep all your outlets safe so you can reduce the risk of short circuits and fires. Electrical cords should be properly plugged in at all times.

  • Avoid overloaded electrical outlets
  • Never put any tiny objects inside outlets (an important electrical safety tip for children too!)
  • Secure electrical outlets with plates that cover all electrical wirings
  • Make sure to install ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets in pools, kitchens, and bathrooms


Even outdoor electricity is prone to electrical hazards; that’s why it is important to be safe at all times and make sure you always:

  • Clear trees from power lines and those that are near your home
  • Avoid walking or playing during a thunderstorm
  • Contact your electrical power provider on advice on any hazards
  • Never get too close near flooded water lines and downed lines
  • Ensure any cords or appliances are safe for outdoor use

Dos and don’ts of electrical safety

Every homeowner and business owner should keep electrical safety precautions top of mind.

If you are unsure how to prioritise safety in terms of your appliances and electrical outlets, it is always best to call a certified electrician in Melbourne Bayside.

We offer a broad range of commercial and domestic electrical services to keep your work and home safe.

Do: Stay away from water

Water is a conductor of electricity. Make sure that when you touch wires, outlets, and appliances, your hands are not wet, so you aren’t prone to electrical shocks.

Always dry your hands when handling electrical appliances and equipment.

Don’t: Touch live electrical wires

Touching live electrical wiring with bare hands can cause you to be electrocuted.

What is the most important rule of electrical safety?

One of the most important rules for electrical safety is to never touch a live wire.

Always keep in mind that all electrical circuits are energised, so you need to avoid touching them at all times.

Don’t: Touch a person who has been electrocuted

Never touch a person who has been electrocuted or has been in contact with a live wire.

People who have been in contact with a live wire have a high voltage current travelling through their body.

Attempting to touch the person who’s been electrocuted is like directly touching a live wire.

Touching them can cause burns, internal damage, cardiac arrest, and other related injuries.

Don’t: Overload an electrical socket

Avoid electrical sparks and other fire risks by simply not overloading your electrical sockets.

Always remember that there is a limited capacity for extension cords and sockets when you’re using them. Keep electrical safety as an essential part of your home and business safety.

Do: Contact your local electrician in Melbourne Bayside!

Schedule a regular electrical inspection with a 24-hour emergency electrician.

When you call our expert electrician in Bayside, you are prioritising home safety from faulty wirings and short circuits.

What are the three hazards of electricity?

When working with electricity, whether you are fixing electrical wires, doing a home renovation, or investigating a power outage, it is best to know what risks and hazards are posed in your home. Three of the main hazards of electricity are:

  1. Electrical fire from electrical appliances and faulty installations
  2. Electrical explosions from electrical equipment
  3. Burns, electric shocks, and other electrical injuries


Electrician in Melbourne

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