Electrical safety tips while renovating

Electrical safety tips while renovating

A renovation project simultaneously invokes feelings of stress and excitement. The task involves making many important decisions, and before you even get to the styling part, you have to ensure your budget is in check and safety regulations are met. It’s a big task!

Instead of cutting corners or rushing projects, follow these electrical safety tips to ensure your next renovation project is free from hazards. Always use a qualified electrician, like an electrician in Bayside, to undertake any sort of electrical task – even something you think you could do yourself, like installing a new power socket.

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Don’t work beyond your skillset

The first and most important piece of advice we’d like to share is to never work beyond your skillset.

There are some electric maintenance tasks you think you may be able to do yourself, but beyond basics like changing a lightbulb, did you know that various laws and regulations actually exist to stop you?

There shouldn’t be any need to emphasise how important it is to always treat electricity with respect. If it’s beyond your skillset, you must always call a professional. Safety should always be your number one priority. Don’t risk it.

Turn off power

Whether you’re changing light bulbs, installing new fixtures, or tackling more extensive electrical tasks during a renovation, turning off the power is a critical step for anyone undertaking electrical work during a renovation.

Before beginning any tasks involving wiring, outlets, or fixtures, it’s essential to locate the appropriate circuit breaker and switch off the power to the area where work will be conducted.

This precautionary measure prevents the risk of electric shock or injury. Using a voltage tester after switching off the power adds an extra layer of safety by confirming that the electrical currents are indeed inactive.

Electrical safety tips during power outage

Rewiring a home

Electric wiring doesn’t last forever, and if your house was built before the 60s, you might notice that electrical wiring is failing.

Rubber was the most prevalent wire covering back then, and over time, the rubber has disintegrated, leaving wires exposed and posing an electrical fire risk. If your home is 40 or more years old, electrical wiring should be inspected.

Electrical safety tips for home and workplace

Smoke alarm installation

We really hope we don’t have to divulge too deeply into the importance of smoke alarms.

The scary reality is though, that through unsolicited or unprofessional renovations, smoke alarms are removed… and not replaced!

A qualified electrician will ensure smoke alarms are installed properly, are in the right position, and are in correct working order.


New lighting installation

Lighting can completely change the ambience of a room. However, it’s not as easy and adding a few pendant lights here and some downlights there.

Lighting designs actually require a lot of thought and planning. Read more about lighting designs in this blog post.

Lighting installations by electrician bayside

When electricity meets water

In particular rooms in the home, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry (and even outdoor areas with pools or spas), there are a number of regulations that must be followed when it comes to electrical installations and devices around water.

Confusing? We get it. But we also get the rules. So don’t risk it – let the pros ensure safety regulations are being met, particularly in these types of rooms.

Outdoor electricity

Recently we visited a house where electrical accessories and power points have been installed on a fence. Not only does this pose a major safety risk, it’s illegal, too! Take a look at this mess we recently fixed:

electrical safety tips by electrician bayside
Check out more guides to home electrical safety

Call Briggs Electrical for your next renovation project!

We know you want the best out of your renovation; for it to look great and provide functionality for you and your family.

Safety is just as much a priority to the success of your renovation as how it looks and functions. By engaging the help of a qualified team of professionals, you’ll ensure your renovation goes as smoothly as possible and decreases the risk of any future disaster.

Briggs Electrical & Data Solutions is made up of a team of qualified electricians in Bayside, committed to ensuring all electrical work meets legal regulations and requirements. Call us to discuss your next project!

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