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Need an emergency electrician this Christmas? Briggs is on call every day of the holidays!

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While you’re inside enjoying the company of your friends and family and gorging yourself on Christmas lunch, take a moment and look outside.

In particular, pay attention to the roads and who’s on it – you might notice some vans with familiar-looking livery.

Yes, that’s right – Briggs Electrical will be working every day and night throughout the Christmas break!

We understand that electrical emergencies don’t stop once you finish work for the year.

That’s why our emergency electricians will be on-call throughout the Christmas and New Year period, ready to provide speedy services for any problems you might run into this silly season.

Remember the Briggs name if you find yourself needing an electrician who’s open during Christmas!


Electrical emergencies don’t stop just because it’s Christmas!

In fact, they can actually become worse!

Think about it.

Now that you and your entire family are free from work and school, you’re going to be spending much more time at home using electricity (unless you’re going away on holidays, in which case, lucky you!)

And we haven’t even gotten started on any guests you might have visiting over the Christmas break, or the power you might use while preparing your Christmas dinner (or powering your tree lights!)

The result is significantly higher energy-consumption when the holidays come around.

This leads to…

Power outages and stoppages

Electrical circuits are only designed for a finite amount of power to safely pass through them; any higher and you risk an electrical fire.

This problem is riskier with older homes.

A lot of older houses just weren’t designed with our modern lifestyles in mind.

Add in the extra strain that comes with guests, Christmas lights, and constant air conditioning use, and it’s no surprise the number of blackouts and outages soars.

Problems with dodgy Christmas decorations

Finding ways to outdo your neighbours with decorations is essentially a Christmas tradition at this point.

However, if you use only dodgy no-brand Christmas lights and decorations from the bargain bin, you could be putting yourself at a high risk.

Like we covered last week, Christmas decorations that aren’t up to snuff can pose a safety threat and be a fire hazard.

Keeping them on all day or night can cause the rubber sheath to melt, exposing the wires underneath. In other cases, your Christmas lights might just be badly made.

Either way, both present a major fire hazard. Be sure to check for exposed wires when setting up your lights, and only keep them on when you’re in the room.


Choosing an emergency electrician this Christmas

If your home electrical system runs into trouble on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or any of the other big “Days”, a call to your emergency electrician might be in order.

A piece of advice before you get on the phone however.

While it’s easy to search local emergency electricians, finding one that’ll actually come out to you is completely different story!

Don’t be left in the dark (literally!) – if you want to ensure you’re electrical emergencies this Christmas are fixed, you’ll want to…

Choose an emergency electrician that’ll actually be working throughout the holiday

Any electrician can claim to offer 24/7 emergency electrical work.

The problem is that while many electricians might claim to offer emergency services, not all actually mean it!

When Christmas rolls around, a lot of these “24-hour” electricians will be occupied.

But rather than be busy with electrical work, they won’t come out to you because they’re busy:

  • On holiday interstate or overseas
  • Stuffing themselves full
  • Looking for last-minute presents

Needless to say, this leaves you in a bit of a pickle!

the front entry of a house lit up by Chrismas lights at night

Choose an emergency electrician that comes to you

So you’ve found an emergency electricians who you know for certain is working Christmas. That’s great – however, that also comes with other problems.

Namely, that the number of emergency electricians available throughout Christmas is a somewhat limited. The result is far more emergency callouts than electricians available to service them.

To get around this, a lot of electricians will become more selective with where they take calls from.

Instead of going beyond their normal service areas, they might decide to stick to a narrower service area.

Choose an electrician that offers all sorts of electrical work

So you’ve been planning a big replacement or upgrade of the electrical system at your business.

The only problem has been finding a time for it – the job’s probably too big to fit into a weekend and for many businesses schedule projects, production runs and clients months in advance.

Not to mention, there’s also the question of how this’ll affect your operations.

That leaves the Christmas break (and quiet January period) as the only time you can really slot electrical work in.

It’s not the best timing, that’s for sure. The only thing that would make it worse is finding out that all your local electricians are unavailable or only taking emergency calls during that time!


This December, Briggs is working throughout Christmas and the New Year

When we say we’re available all Christmas, we aren’t joking.

We mean it – our emergency electricians are available for all the big “Days”. Christmas, Boxing, New Years; you name it and we’ll be there.

We’ll get a qualified sparkie to you whenever you need it.

Performing more than just emergency work

Our team is working all throughout Christmas – and that doesn’t just mean emergency electrician call-outs.

If you have a big electrical installation coming up at your business or home, phone ahead with us.

Some of the big installations we’ve worked on include:

  • Complete home and business rewirings
  • Installing new circuits for manufacturing facilities
  • Home theatre installation
  • Data cabling for businesses

If you need majore electrical work done over the Christmas, give us a call. You might want to do it soon though – our schedules are filling up fast!


Need an emergency electrician that’s actually open throughout Christmas?

If so, Briggs Electrical has you covered!

Our team of emergency electricians are working throughout the Christmas break. We’ll be there for all your electrical emergencies, big or small such as:

No matter the day or time, put your trust in our team whenever you need an emergency electrician this Christmas.

Click here to lodge a job, or save our number just in case – that’s 1300 300 222 for 24/7 electrical services in Melbourne.

From our team to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy 2024.