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7 common DIY mistakes our Melbourne electricians see

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Are you thinking of undertaking a DIY project at home?

If so, you aren’t alone.

Thanks to the prevalence of YouTube tutorials and renovation shows like The Block (and not to mention, lockdown boredom!), our Melbourne electricians have seen an upshoot in the number of DIY projects being performed.

There are many things that can be DIY-ed – giving your home a new paint job, building a shelf or installing a new feature wall are all things that can be done on your own with enough patience and time.

However, not all things can be done via DIY. Case in point: electrical work.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t get the memo, and try their hand at DIY electrical work anyway.

And that in turn leads to a whole host of different issues – issues that our emergency electricians in Melbourne are frequently called out to fix.

Common electrical DIY mistakes

The simple fact is that electrical renovations are incredibly dangerous and complex.

As such, they often always require the help of a professional.

Fortunately, most homeowners know this, and avoid doing major electrical work on their own.

The problem is that a lot of homeowners aren’t quite as careful when it comes to minor electrical repairs!

Mistake #1: Loose fittings for switches and outlets

Many homeowners assume that electrical outlets and switches are plug-and-play, like inserting a USB into a port.

While it may not be the most complex electrical job around, it isn’t quite that simple.

Many homeowners overestimate its simplicity, and end up making mistakes or getting it wrong.

Some DIY-ers might install a screw or wire too loosely, or cut them in the incorrect length – something that can result in overheating or cause a fire.

Mistake #2: No junction box installed

Installing a junction box is a must in every home as it protects almost all your electrical wirings from exposure and physical damage.

Junction boxes also protect you from further harm resulting from smoke, sparks as well as fires caused by short circuits and loose connections.

Not installing junction boxes often result in accidents caused by live wires and terminals. 

Ideally, all wiring systems must be connected in the junction box to keep everything housed for secure wire connections.

Unfortunately, this is an aspect of electrical safety that many DIY electricians overlook.

Mistake #3: Overloaded outlets

Not many homeowners know it, but your home’s electrical circuits only have a finite capacity. 

Exceed the amount of electricity your home can safely handle, and you put yourself (and your home) at risk of a whole range of issues:

  • Damage to your appliances
  • Mild electrical shocks
  • In the worst case scenario, it can even cause electrical fires

Many inexperienced DIY installers don’t realise this, and overload their systems.

Our electricians in Melbourne can help you determine what your system can handle and install an appropriate number of outlets.

We’ll also fit your home with safety devices to protect you from the consequences of accidentally overloading your circuitry.

Mistake #4: Cutting wires too short

You may not know it, but cutting electrical wires too short may result in poor electrical connection among other issues.

Using the wrong ‘gauge’ or size of the wire can also result in your electrical wirings using unsecured wire connections.

This is why you need expert advice on the proper length and width of the wire or cable so that your wirings will not overheat or result in a short circuit. 

If you are unsure of the right size and length of the wire needed for your electrical project, don’t chance it.

The best way to be safe is to consult with an expert Melbourne electrician who will make sure that all your wires and lines are secure.

Mistake #5: Exposed cables

Oftentimes, DIY problems have nothing to do with not understanding or using the wrong process – sometimes it’s simply because DIY-ers simply aren’t as thorough or skilled as the professionals.

Exposed wiring and cables often lead to damage, short circuits and fires. 

Whether it’s a lack of practice and skill, or simply not being familiar with the procedure, our emergency electricians in Melbourne are often called out to fix exposed wires and bad wiring jobs.

By calling our team to carry out the installation in the first place, you can avoid having to call us out again afterwards.

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Mistake #6: Not using a voltage tester

One mistake that DIY-ers make is not testing the voltage present in the wire or the present current flowing in the electrical wire with a voltage tester. 

Before doing any electrical work, one must first test the wires to make sure that there’s no flow of current and that there’s no electrical ground when working in an outlet.

This isn’t your fault – not many people have voltage testers at the back of their cupboards.

Just another reason to leave electrical renovations and upgrades to a professional electrician in Melbourne!

Mistake #7: Not seeking help from an electrician in Melbourne

This is the big one!

A qualified and licensed Melbourne electrician goes through a lengthy training, apprenticeship and certification process before they’re cleared to carry out any electrical work.

This is what allows sparkies like us to carry out electrical work safely, and without leaving behind any hidden issues that might require an emergency electrician further down the line.

While it may not come with the satisfaction that a DIY job does, calling a professional to take care of it does result in your electrical circuits being considerably safer and more fit for purpose!

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Planning your next DIY project? Contact a Melbourne electrician today!

Working with any DIY electrical project is seriously dangerous – that’s why you need the expertise of a fully-licensed electrician for any electrical work your renovation project may involve!

Our electricians in Melbourne are knowledgeable, skilled and work hard to ensure that your renovation project is safe and fit-for-purpose.

It isn’t just renovations that we help out on, either.

Have you just moved into a new place and discovered a history of dodgy DIY electrical repairs? Has someone you love tried their hand at electrical work and made a mess of things?

Our emergency electricians in Melbourne are available 24 hours a day. Give us a call, and we’ll be there to fix the problem, no matter what it is.

From electrical inspection to testing, installation to repairs, our Melbourne electricians are available to help anytime of day.

Contact our team at Briggs if you need professional help for your next renovation project, or save our phone number – that’s 1300 300 222 – just in case you need an emergency electrician in the future.

Alternatively, lodge a job online with us today!