Do these 5 steps before calling an emergency electrician in Melbourne!

Do these 5 steps before calling an emergency electrician in Melbourne!

We all know that electricity is dangerous, and that unexpected electrical problems should never be solved with DIY solutions.

Rather, they should be left in the capable hands of an emergency electrician in Melbourne.

Of course, there are still things you can do in the meantime to protect your home and family while your Melbourne electrician is still en route!

Today, we’ll be explaining what some of these precautions include…

Can you determine the cause of your electrical emergency?

To explain what you can do in the event of an electrical emergency, we first need to explain the various causes of electrical emergencies!

Why does this matter? Simple: different types of electrical emergency pose different dangers, and therefore require a different response.

For example, say you have an electrical fire. This requires a special fire extinguisher, as a water-based fire extinguisher can end up making the problem worse (water conducts electricity, after all!) Above all, though, it requires a Triple Zero (000) call to the Fire Department!

For example, here at Briggs Electrical, we fix a wide range of different electrical emergencies. Some of these are relatively straightforward, while others can be life-threatening.

So, what should you do if you’re experiencing…

Fallen power lines

Melburnians know that their city can get a bit unpredictable weather-wise. One moment, it’s pleasant – the next, you’re dealing with hail and strong winds!

In many cases, turns in the weather can have an effect on power lines. Strong winds, storms and even car accidents can bring down your power supply lines.

The problem is that these power lines are still live, and pose an extreme electrocution risk if you accidentally stray too close.

In any event of fallen power lines, the best thing to do is…

  • Step 1: Stay away from the power line – we recommend putting at least 40 metres distance between you and it
  • Step 2: don’t go near conductive materials, as they can pose electrical hazards
  • Step 3: if needed, call Triple Zero (000) to attend to any injuries
  • Step 4: Don’t touch the power line or anyone person who has been affected by the fallen power line
  • Step 5: Contact your local electrical provider and report any issue of dangling and fallen power wires

Electrical fire

Did you know? Faulty electrical wiring and other electrical issues account for a full 25% of all house fires!

Electrical fires can be the result of many different electrical faults, such as overloaded and outdated wiring, poorly-installed outlets, faulty appliances and short circuits.

Electrical fires happen in an instant and can suddenly. If you notice smoke coming from an electrical device or fitting, you’ll want to act fast to prevent serious damage to your property and safety.

What you’ll want to do is…

    • Step 1: Call Triple Zero (000) immediately, regardless of how serious the fire appears
    • Step 2: If possible (and if safe to do so), unplug the device that’s causing the fire
    • Step 3: If the fire is small and you have a fire extinguisher suitable for electrical fires, attempt to put out the fire before it spreads 
    • Step 4: Evacuate the area
    • Step 5: Turn off the power at the switchbox

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Electrical shock

Exposure to high voltage electricity results in electrical shocks. This in turn can cause a range of serious injuries including burns, cardiac arrest, heart rhythm problems, and even death.

In many cases, electrocution is the result of direct contact with unfixed wall outlets, electrical appliances, and exposed electrical wires.

Should an accident happen and an electric shock occur, your duty is twofold: to provide assistance to the victim, and to protect others from a similar accident.

  • Step 1: Turn off the power at the switchbox to protect others on-site
  • Step 2: Call Triple Zero (000) immediately
  • Step 3: Approach the person once the power is off and offer CPR and first aid if needed
  • Step 4: If the victim is in immediate danger, move them – otherwise, avoid moving them if possible
  • Step 5: Unplug all appliances, just in case

Secret step 6: call an emergency electrician

Once you’ve taken all these steps and ensured that you and your family are safe for these various scenarios, what comes next?

A call to an emergency electrician, that’s what!

The moment the scene has been made clear, it’s time to assess the damage and determine what can be done to fix your electrical system.

Our emergency electricians in Melbourne can help with that. We’ll inspect your appliances and electrical fittings, and will give you the all-clear.

We’ll also perform any repairs necessary to fix the problem after the fact. If it’s a socket that’s smoking for example, we’ll fix the fault, protecting you from future electrical shocks or fires.

Need a 24-hour emergency electrician in Melbourne?

Whether it’s day or night, our electricians in Melbourne are on-call 24-hours a day.

That’s because electrical emergencies aren’t polite enough to clock off once it hits 5pm – they can happen at any hour!

Stay safe around electricity – if you’ve recently encountered an electrical emergency, it’s imperative that you leave it to the pros!

In addition to dangerous emergencies like these, Briggs Electrical’s emergency electricians in Melbourne can also help out with less dangerous electrical emergencies, such as frequent unexplainable blackouts that affect just your home.

Schedule regular electrical system maintenance with a Melbourne electrician and ensure that all wirings and appliances are working properly so you will not run the risk of damage and lives at risk.

If ever you are experiencing the following electrical emergencies, don’t hesitate to call Briggs electrical today:

Contact Briggs today on 1300 300 222 or save our number to your phone, just in case!

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