Why you need an electrician for pool and spa installation

Why you need an electrician for pool and spa installation

You know what would make your home even better than it is right now? A pool! Especially now that summer is almost upon us… just imagine, the freedom to cool off instantly, any time of day. Wouldn’t that be a dream?

Or what about a spa? That’s a pretty good option as well – when winter comes back, you can stay nice and toasty in the comforting heat of your very own private spa. Or just unwind after a particularly stressful day at work!

Doesn’t that sound great?

You’ve got a vision in mind for exactly how everything is going to look. Your landscaper or builder has developed a plan detailing just how your pool or spa is going to take shape. Your blueprints have been drawn up.

But have you talked with your electrician yet?

Yes, believe it or not, we electricians have a role to play here as well!

In fact, talking to your electrician should be one of your first steps when considering a pool or spa. What many first-timers don’t initially realise is the amount of electrical work involved in installing your spa or pool.

Everybody knows water and electricity don’t mix. So don’t risk it – talk to an electrician in Melbourne about your pool or spa as early as possible!

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An electrician for my pool or spa?

It may sound counterintuitive – a pool, in its basic form, is just a body of water, right? Why would you ever need an electrician for that?

It’s true that you mightn’t need an electrician to look over your pool itself. But have you given any thought to the electrical systems, appliances and equipment that come with the pool itself?

Here are just a handful of examples of the types of electrical systems we’re talking about:

  • Pool pumps
  • Chlorinators
  • Filters
  • Pool heaters

These are just some of the appliances, systems and equipment that pool owners need to consider. And while most elements of a pool are best looked after by a pool specialist, installation and wiring are best looked after and maintained by a qualified pool electrician.

Talk to an electrician about your pool or spa installation

Pool installation

The inherent dangers of working with electricity are well known and drilled into us from a young age. So, it’s generally a good idea to bring an electrician on board for any work that involves your power.

If your planned pool includes a water heater, sand filter, pump or even mood lights, you should be speaking with an electrician. Many of these extras may require new wiring and circuits to be installed, making it a job for a professional, in other words.

Bringing an electrician on board early on can help avoid any nasty surprises further down the line – our expert advice can help determine how wiring should be installed, while we’ll also evaluate if there are any faults with your electrical pool equipment.

Spa installation

While you may be able to get away with not consulting an electrician if your swimming pool is simply a body of water, if you’re installing a spa there’s no escaping it: you need to talk to a sparkie.

Because unlike a swimming pool, by its very nature, a spa requires electricity to run.

Most spa installers suggest consulting an electrician at the second stage of your spa project – and we agree.

Your electrician can provide advice on the wirings and circuits that will power your spa, will take care of installation, and provide sign-off on the electrical safety of your planned spa.

Ask your electrician and pool builder to stay in contact during the planning stage of your pool or spa. It may be a good idea to bring the plumber in as well – in fact, make it a whole tradie (pool) party!


Our domestic electricians can save you money

If your entire swimming pool was a single “appliance”, it would be the most expensive one on the entire property! In fact, in cases, pools can account for up to 2000 to 3000kW of electricity a year (depending, of course, on your equipment and usage.)

The pump alone can account for up to 16% of your energy bill – and this isn’t even taking into account whether or not your pool is heated! Your wallet could take a hit of anywhere between $600 and $1000 a year just running your pool.

Yes, a pool could very well be the third-most expensive asset on your property, after your house and car.

And while spas are less energy-intensive, spa pumps and heaters can also be energy hogs depending on size and usage. After all, how else is your spa going to heat up the water or power its nozzles?

Fortunately, our electricians can be a valuable resource when it comes to bringing down the running costs of your pool or spa. For energy-saving options for your pool or spa, talk to a Briggs Electrical expert today!


Planning a pool? Talk to our 24-hour electrician in Bayside

A pool or spa can be a godsend when summer or winter comes around. If you’re planning a new pool or spa, it’s best to start talking to a qualified electrician near you early on to make sure that whatever your vision, it’s planned well.

With service that covers the entire east and Bayside region of Melbourne, you can’t go past the experienced team at Briggs Electrical.

Our team understands how big a project installing a new pool or spa can be. Talk to the best electricians in Melbourne for safe, energy-saving pool solutions – call 1300 300 222! Contact us today!

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