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5 warning signs your home may have electrical problems

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Even before any electrical problems arise, there are some warning signs that you need to watch out for before something worse happens – like electrical fires.

Electrical safety doesn’t happen by chance.

If you see any of the following red flags, they’re a clear indicator of a hidden, potential, or straight-up obvious electrical problem; and that means you need to act immediately.

You don’t need to be an expert to spot electrical issues.

If you are proactive in spotting these electrical warning signs, you should immediately call for help from an emergency electrician who can also assess your house electrical plan in Australia.

How do I know if my house has electrical problems?

You need to be alert of electrical issues, as such events can put your life, family and home at risk of danger and electrical fires.

So watch out for these electrical warnings – and if you spot them, make sure you get in contact with an emergency electrician right away.

Warning sign #1: Burning smell

Any unusual smoke or burning smell near your electrical outlets and appliances usually points out that something is wrong.

A burning smell is one obvious sign of a potentially hazardous electrical fire that can make you smell like a burning plastic wire. The heat coming from electrical wiring can be unbearable and, depending on its frequency, can set your wirings, appliances and home on fire.

If a burning smell is emitting from any of your power points or devices, we urge you to unplug the device immediately, switch off the power point, and stop using it straight away.

Then, contact our electrician in St Kilda to perform an in-depth check and provide the right fix and solution.

Warning sign #2: Flickering lights

Ignoring flickering lights may be one of your immediate reactions, thinking that it doesn’t really pose any danger. At worst, you think to yourself, it’s a little annoying.

You may think it is harmless, but little did you know that flickering lights indicate an underlying issue within your electrical system.

But if the flickering of the lights becomes more frequent than usual, you need to call an electrician in Melbourne right away. An expert electrician fixes electrical safety switches in Victoria as well.

There are a few common reasons why your lights commonly flicker, and it can be because of:

  • Loose and outdated electrical wirings
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Loose or faulty light bulb
  • Faulty light switch
  • Overloaded circuits

Inconsistent electrical power will make your lighting flicker from the main electrical source.

But if the flickering continues, then you better contact your Melbourne electrician ASAP!

Warning sign #3: Loose outlets

Do you frequently have loose electrical outlets at home? Once you’ve plugged in an appliance or an electrical wire, do your outlets pull away?

If it does, then it’s time to replace your outlets immediately! Loose outlets can usually lead to:

  • Sudden electrical sparks
  • Short circuit
  • Fire hazards

Loose and floating outlets usually can disrupt the flow of electricity that can even damage your appliance or gadget.

You may need to replace your electrical outlet and cover so that you’ll have a normal flow of electricity in all of your home outlets.

A Melbourne electrician can help you know how to replace a blown fuse if that’s the case.

How do I make sure my electrical outlet is safe?

You’ll know that your electrical outlet is safe to use once your electrician tests it with a cube or block tester. This device is used to indicate any outlet or wiring issue regarding your electrical outlet.

You can also make sure that screws in your electrical outlets are tight so that wirings are not exposed outside your receptacle box.

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Warning sign #4: Complicated electrical wirings

Tangled and messy electrical wirings is usually a sign of poorly done electrical work that should have been well-arranged and they should not coil or be complicated with each other.

Complicated electrical wirings will need a thorough repair and inspection from your home’s electrical service otherwise it increases the risk of accidents and injuries like tripping and short circuits.

You may need to fix your cables neatly so you don’t have any problems with tangled wire hazards.

Warning sign #5: Buzzing sound

If you hear a buzzing sound every time you turn on your lights or use any multiple outlets, then there’s something wrong with your wirings.

You may need to change or upgrade your outdated wiring connections and immediately consult a Melbourne electrician.

There might be a potential problem of a buzzing sound, especially when the outlet or the electrical wire has:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Short circuit
  • Loose electrical connections

Make sure you contact a qualified electrician right away if you experience this.

Warning sign #6: Circuit breaker issues

If you happen to observe that your circuit breaker trips every time you use a high voltage electrical appliance, then it isn’t doing its job.

Circuit breakers are designed to protect your electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current. If you have old and outdated circuit breakers, you might need to have them replaced, especially if there is an issue of tripping.

Circuit breaker trips are usually a warning sign that something is wrong with your electrical wiring. So better make sure that a reliable Melbourne electrician can make necessary repairs wherever possible.

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Deal with electrical problems with the help of an expert Melbourne electrician

Save your home from electrical emergencies with the help of an electrician in Melbourne CBD.

A qualified and licensed expert electrician in Melbourne provides you with a range of complete electrical services that include electrical inspections for you to avoid dealing with any emergency electrical problems like:

  • A blown fuse
  • Safety switch failure
  • Electrical fires
  • Lighting and appliances failure
  • Power failure blackout

Our team of expert electricians gets every job done right the first time.

So if you sense that something is wrong with your electrical system, rely on Briggs’ 24-hour emergency electrician in Melbourne.

We are located in Bayside, and we service the entire Southeast and, of course, Melbourne CBD.

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