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Planning home improvements in 2021? These projects need an electrician!

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New goals, new plans, and of course, new projects! On top of your new year’s resolutions, many people take the new year as an excuse to (finally) knock out those home renovations and DIY projects they’ve been thinking of for so long.

There may be many exciting DIY projects lined up on your list, from brightening up your home and garden with indoor and outdoor lighting or building your dream home theatre, we’re sure you’re super excited about what your home’s going to look like at the end of it all. 

Of course, many of these projects will have an electrical aspect to them – and as with all things electrical, it’s imperative that you seek out your local electrician’s help!

5 DIY projects that need a local electrician in Melbourne

Electricity can be unsafe and dangerous, especially if you don’t have any electrical experience – all the more reason to leave this part of your project in the hands of a professional!

As with any electrical project, safety is your number one priority. When you work with licensed and experienced local electricians in Melbourne, you can be sure that:

  • Safety protocols are followed
  • Your project adheres to electrical safety standards
  • Wiring, circuitry and fittings are high-quality

One benefit of choosing a pro that many DIY-ers overlook? Our planning experience.

With years of electrical work under our belts, our team of sparkies can help you plan out your electrical upgrade, helping you figure out the layout and ensure your DIY project is fit-for-purpose and ticks all your checkboxes – including the factors you might not have considered!.

No matter what type of upgrade you’re planning for your house, your local electrician can help you out with it…

Learn more about facets of electrical safety that you might not know.

1. Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting doesn’t just improve the aesthetics of your home and outdoor areas – it can also make it safer by eliminating tripping hazards and illuminating entry points and pathways.

You may be inclined to improve your outdoor ambiance particularly as summer approaches and you start planning backyard BBQ or a great alfresco dinner.

But there’s more to it than just entertainment – good lighting is also functional and practical!

Not to mention, outdoor lighting specifically comes with unique challenges – namely, you’re going to have to ensure that it’s tough enough to withstand the elements without bringing electrical hazards onto your property.

That means extension cords and hanging charming mason jars with fairy lights is out of the question – for something that’s safe, bright and durable, you need a reliable electrician in Moorabbin to take care of the job for you.

A local electrician can ensure proper installation of grounded outdoor wiring. We’ll choose fixtures that are water resistant and bright, whether you’re planning a minor home improvement or upgrading your business’ car park lighting.

2. Home theatre

Take movie nights to the next level with your very own home theatre.

Melburnians in particular are especially aware of the importance of a good home entertainment system after spending most of last year stuck at home!

Of course, a good system can be much more than just a TV and a thick set of curtains – the best systems feature:

  • Surround-sound speakers
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Huge wall-mounted TVs or ceiling-mounted projector screens
  • Additional sockets, ethernet ports and data cabling

It’s a lot of work – work that’s best left to the pros. So you give us the vision and we’ll bring it to life! 

Ensure that your movie doesn’t cut out halfway through by calling a professional for home theatre installation in Melbourne.

In addition to carrying out your installation, we can also help you make your set-up seamless – that means:

  • No visible wires or cables
  • Speakers that are flush with ceilings or walls
  • Extra sockets to power and transmit data
  • No cables to present tripping hazards or visual eyesores

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of extension cords…

3. Free yourself from extension cords – install new outlets, sockets and plugs

Don’t like how many extension cords, power strips and other workarounds you’ve had to use to ensure that all your appliances are powered?

Sick of having to play hot potato with appliances owing to a shortage of electrical outlets?

Installing new electrical outlets may seem to be an easy DIY task to complete with the help of your reliable screwdriver. After all, it’s not as if you’re installing a new home theatre system all by yourself.

However, it’s also one that can be downright dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Don’t risk it – if possible, it’s best to let a local electrician do that work for you.

Once we’re done, not only will you have more sockets to use – you also won’t need to worry about clutter or space being taken up by ugly extension cables and loose cables and wires, giving you your kitchen bench back!

4. Replacing old circuit breakers

Circuit breakers play a crucial role in electrical safety, protecting you from a broad range of problems such as:

  • Power surges
  • Short circuits
  • Overloading

When your electrical circuitry behaves abnormally, your circuit breakers spring into action, cutting off the flow of power and protecting you, your family and your property.

And as one of the most important parts of your electrical safety, it’s crucial that they’re installed properly.

Among the many electrical services our Melbourne electricians offer, Briggs Electrical also replaces old circuit breakers with new ones, and adds them to homes that either don’t have them or use older fuse-based systems.

With the right circuit breakers set up in your property, you’ll be able to stay safe and reduce the changes of having to call an emergency electrician further down the line!

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5. Electrical circuitry upgrades

Electrical circuits have a finite capacity – exceed this capacity, and you could find yourself facing all sorts of problems, including:

  • Blackouts
  • Overloading
  • Electrical fires

Not only will upgrading your circuitry allow your home to handle more devices and appliances plugged in at the same time, but it’s also plain safer – many of Melbourne’s older homes are still using old-style wiring that simply doesn’t meet modern safety standards!

Don’t DIY – call Briggs Electrical for electrical services in Melbourne

It’s your home you’re dealing with – the last thing you want is for it to be brought down by poor-quality work..

While there are many home improvements that you can DIY, electrical upgrades aren’t one of them. Whether it’s a minor upgrade or a complete electrical facelift, you need the help of an expert electrician in Brighton.

Our expert Melbourne electricians team up with you to take your home improvement project to the next level. In addition to carrying out the installation itself, we also help you plan it out!

We’ll work with you from the point of design, ensuring that your electrical set-up is within your budget and capable of powering your lifestyle.

Want our insight into your plans? We’re always available to talk – get in touch with our team by calling 1300 300 222 or lodging a job online.