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A Melbourne electrician shares 8 home security tips for the elderly

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Home security is important – however, it’s especially important for people who still live independently during their golden years.

As we all know, the elderly are an especially vulnerable target for unsavoury types.

And that’s why if you have a grandparent, a senior relative or an elderly friend who’s been living alone, extra precautionary measures need to be put into action.

Your home security options have come a long way since your elderly relatives were young!

Today’s home surveillance systems are considerably more sophisticated – and therefore, much more effective at protecting seniors.

And not just from thieves, either – in many cases, home security systems like cameras have been used to keep an eye on elderly Australians and respond to medical emergencies as well!

And it all starts with a call to your local Melbourne electrician.

Upgrade your elderly relative’s home security systems today – get in touch with our electricians in Melbourne today on 1300 300 222, or click here to get a quote.

Home security tips for seniors

1. Close front-facing curtains

Many burglars are opportunistic, often keeping an eye out for easy targets. By keeping the front curtains shut, you aren’t just improving your privacy – you can also stop thieves from getting a read on your home.

This can dramatically up the risk – is someone home? Will they be spotted?

Or is it safer for them to leave your elderly relatives be and just move on?

2. Get a digital doorbell

Digital doorbells like Ring are convenient – you’ll be able to turn your smartphone into a virtual peephole.

Not only that, but they also allow you to keep an eye on the front of your house, even while you’re away, making them an ersatz security camera – perfect for seniors who are still active and who spend a lot of time out-and-about.

3. Have a well-lit home at all times

Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting!

As we mentioned above, most thieves and burglars are opportunistic. They seek out “soft” targets (which is exactly what makes the elderly so attractive to them).

Something as simple as good lighting can be enough to make the risk of being spotted outweigh the potential benefits of targeting you or your elderly relatives.

Our electricians in Melbourne can set your home up with motion-activated lights that cover all of your house, warding off any approaches.

Click here to learn more about security lighting.

4. Never leave a spare key in a place that’s easily accessible

We know that some elderly are used to keeping spare keys under flower pots, welcome mats or inside downspouts.

Unfortunately, a lot of burglars and thieves also know this, and specifically search these areas first.

And that’s why you should kick the habit of leaving spare keys in places where people may find them – or at the very least, get better at hiding them!

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5. Keep emergency numbers in handy

Thieves aren’t the only hazard that elderly people face – there’s also other issues such as gas leaks and electrical problems.

We all have Triple Zero (000) committed to memory – but what about these other emergencies?

To stay safe during emergencies, it’s important that you have these numbers printed and posted near your phone stand so that should the worst happen, you won’t have to waste valuable minutes looking up an important number.

One of these numbers should be your local Melbourne electrician – while today’s appliances and fittings are considerably safer, that doesn’t change the fact that electricity is dangerous.

Fortunately for your elderly relatives, our emergency electricians in Melbourne are ready to respond as soon as you call us, no matter the hour!

6. Eliminate hazards around the house

Do you have an elderly relative that lives alone? Has their mobility suffered? Is their sense of balance not what it used to be?

It’s only natural to worry about this – but you can reduce the likelihood of an injury or accident by taking steps to eliminate hazards.

That can mean:

  • Installing railings and bannisters where appropriate
  • Replacing steps with ramps where possible
  • Using non-slip mats in shower cubicles and bathrooms

And once again, lighting comes into the picture as well – if your elderly relative can clearly see where they’re walking, they’ll be able to avoid accidents or injury.

7. Consider installing an alarm system

It isn’t just electrical problems our Melbourne electricians can fix – we also offer a range of other options that can help make the homes of elderly Australians more secure – one of which is alarm installation.

Our electricians in Melbourne can set you up with a home alarm system that can include a range of hardware and software options that will fit your requirements and budget.

This can include:

  • Panic controls
  • Motion sensors
  • Opening sensors
  • Sound sensors
  • Gas detectors 

Of course, it doesn’t just end with alarms either…

8. Upgrade your home security systems with CCTV installation in Melbourne

In addition to alarms and sensors, our Melbourne electricians can also perform CCTV installation, increasing security even further.

Seniors can record and monitor what’s happening inside and outside of the home thanks to CCTV cameras that work 24/7.

Not only that, but with the right setup, seniors will also be able to check the surroundings live, even when they’re out shopping. All they’ll have to do is whip out their phone, open the accompanying app and watch.

Finally, relatives can use this to keep tabs on their elderly relatives, especially if they live alone and have a history of medical episodes.

Want to boost your (or an elderly relative’s) security?

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With an increasing number of elderly Australians opting to continue living independently, home security should be a number one priority. 

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