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Light up your bedroom – 5 tips from our Melbourne electrician

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Let there be light!

If you ask us, your bedroom should be the most comfortable room in the house. That means a plush bed, plentiful space, and of course, good lighting.

We’ll let you in on a little secret, however: bedroom lighting doesn’t have to just be natural light and the main ceiling fixture. 

There are plenty of things you can do to take your bedroom lighting to the next level and make your cosy cocoon even more comfy!

Our electricians in Melbourne have been engaged by homeowners all over the city to turn their bedroom plans into reality.

During that time, we’ve devised plenty of clever lighting solutions that you might be able to bring into your home…

Our Melbourne electricians share their top bedroom lighting tips

1) How about adding remote controls?

We can order food to our homes without getting up.

Our cars are so sophisticated that they can park themselves.

With nothing more than a voice command, we can get our phones and TVs to start playing our favourite programs or music.

Why not bring a little bit of that high-tech future into our homes?

Many Melbourne homeowners have brought in the ability to control their lighting without having to get out of bed.

Imagine a single remote that allows you to:

  • Turn your lights on and off
  • Dim or brighten your lights
  • Control each individual bulb in your room

This is a great convenience for when you decide you want to finish the next chapter in that book before dozing off, but you’re too settled in your bed to get up.

Some are even eschewing the remote altogether by installing…

2) Motion-activated lights

Fed up with having to fumble around in the dark while you look for the lightswitch? Tired of accidentally banging your toes on corners when you need a midnight snack or toilet trip?

Sensor-activated lights offer a solution!

Our Melbourne electricians can fit your bedroom out with lights that are motion sensitive. 

The moment you enter the room, the lights will sense the movement and will turn on accordingly.

We know what you’re thinking: won’t that get annoying?

Not if you plan it properly!

If the goal is to protect your toes and ankles when you get up in the middle of the night, consider installing weak lights that lead towards your bedroom door. This way, you’ll be able to see where you’re going without waking up your partner or blasting bright light into your eyes.

While there are many battery-powered solutions that can be placed anywhere, they stick out like sore thumbs. If you ask us, only a professionally installed setup is able to offer the seamless appearance your bedroom deserves!

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3) Full control over your lighting

Sometimes, you want your bedroom to be fully lit. Other times, you may want something a bit more romantic and atmospheric.

While you can get the same effect with candles, it’s a lot of work and effort. Not to mention, you have to buy all those candles and worry about the fire hazards too.

What if instead of all that, you could dim your lights by turning a dial?

In addition to setting the mood on Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, the power to dim your lights can also give you much greater flexibility with your bedroom lighting.

For example, during dusk or twilight, you can turn the lights down to maintain visibility without overpowering the natural light.

Not to mention, it can also help you save power too!

4) Feature and task lighting

The bedroom is a diverse room – for many of us, it isn’t just a place to sleep, but also a:

  • Mini home theatre
  • Workplace
  • Makeup studio
  • Makeshift recording studio
  • Tiny live music venue
  • Mini art gallery

Whatever function your bedroom has, it’s important to get your lighting right.

Each of these different functions has different lighting requirements. Luckily, our electricians in Melbourne can help get you set up!

Do you need lights around your makeup cabinet or mirror? We can hook you up with directional lights.

Does your bedroom double as a mini home cinema? Our sparkies can fit your room out with dimmable lights for atmosphere (and to protect you from eye strain).

Want a light to bring attention to the knick-knacks, books, photos and souvenirs sitting on your shelf or cabinet? We can install shelf lighting that makes your features stand out.

5) Choose lighting for your aesthetic

You don’t want a bog-standard bedroom. No, you want a room that evokes a specific aesthetic or feel.

The right lighting is essential in building a bedroom that fits your desired aesthetic.

In most cases, it’s all about choosing the right colours and strategically placing lights for emphasis. Sometimes however, this requires your electrician in Melbourne to come up with unconventional lighting solutions.

What sort of things are we talking about?

While these are rare (and admittedly extreme cases), they demonstrate just how far you can take your bedroom aesthetic, as well as how the proper lighting can make it possible!

Craft the bedroom of your dreams with our domestic electricians in Melbourne

Bed, carpet, decor, and of course, lighting… These are the building blocks of your dream bedroom.

While we may not be able to help with the first couple, our electricians in Melbourne can certainly help with the lighting part of the equation!

Our sparkies are experts in all things electrical, lighting included. If you’re upgrading or remodelling your bedroom, you’ll want to give our team a call.

In addition to performing the installation itself, our team works with you and your builder from the point of design to ensure that you get the bedroom you’ve always wanted.

What are you waiting for? Make your dreams a reality today – call 1300 300 222 or click here to get in touch with our electricians in Melbourne.