‘Tis the season! Christmas lighting tips from our Melbourne electricians

‘Tis the season! Christmas lighting tips from our Melbourne electricians

No one appreciates a good Christmas lights display more than our Melbourne electricians. After all, Christmas is one of the best times of the entire year!

Driving around town to look at Christmas lights with your friends and family is easily one of the best things to do during the lead up to December 25th!

The kids in the backseat and a Santa hat upon your head, you get to drive through your neighbourhood seeing all the wonderful displays. 

You can even get a little inspiration of your own for your Christmas lights next year. 

Have you ever driven up to a house and been absolutely blown away by the Christmas light display only to wonder later how they pulled it off?

We bet you have!

Some houses are completely decked out with beautiful lights, and even equipped with audio features. So, how are people managing to achieve that safely and without tripping their circuits or safety switch? 

Well, that’s exactly what our Melbourne electricians are here to tell you.

As much as we love all the Christmas lights this time of year…safety is always the most important thing to us. So before you get up that ladder, read on to ensure your household’s safety during the most wonderful time of the year.

3 things our Melbourne electricians want you to know about Christmas light set up

1. Make sure your cords and adaptors are designed for outdoor use

If there is one mistake our Melbourne electricians see people making more often than not, it’s using extension cords and power boards that are only meant to be used inside.

A lot of people don’t actually realise that you can get outdoor power boards and extension leads – so if you’re decorating your exterior, make sure you’re using boards specifically designed for outdoor use.

The other thing we want you to keep in mind when setting up your extension cords and power boards is to keep all the connections covered. 

We recommend taking some precautions to keep them covered or sealed well so that no water can get in.

2. Make sure all of your Christmas lights are secure

When most people think about electrical lights and the weather…the only thing they think about is the rain. 

There is, however, another very important part of the weather that you need to think about.

The wind. 

We have on more than one occasion witnessed Christmas lights wreaking havoc when they have not been secured properly. 

The wind will cause them to start blowing around all over the place. They can get tangled up and cause damage or even injury.

So, make sure you secure them firmly to the ground, wall, gate or tree! Wherever you hang them you need to make sure they will not move. 

3. Think carefully about where you are placing your Christmas lights

We bet you know exactly where you want to place your Christmas lights.

Something you might not have given as much thought to, however?

Where NOT to place your lights!

Here are some important regulations we encourage you to follow:

  • Keep your lights at least three metres away from powerlines
  • Avoid putting Christmas lights around your pool or any other body of water
  • When attaching lights to anything made from metal – use low voltage equipment
  • Don’t put leads or cords through doorways or windows – this can lead to cord or wiring damage 

If you follow these four main points, you should be able to maintain a safe Christmas light display every single year!

Melbourne electricians

Need an emergency electrician this Christmas?

Save Briggs Electrical’s number this festive season 

Electrical faults and dangers don’t wait to happen during the day. Disasters can strike at any time, which is why Briggs Electrical is proud to offer a true 24/7 emergency electrician service to homes and businesses across Melbourne.

And the Christmas season is no different! We’ll be on call for every minute during the Christmas and New Year break, ready to jump straight into action if you run into any electrical problems. 

Our Melbourne electricians are licenced and qualified to deal with any problem that may occur during the holidays. 

We will show up in an emergency or even just come and inspect your Christmas light display for that extra peace of mind!

Get in contact with our Melbourne electricians any time of day – or night! on 1300 300 222. We also encourage you to save our number in your phone, just in case.

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