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Ask a Melbourne electrician: 5 home theatre installation mistakes

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Let’s face it, going out to the cinema isn’t what it used to be.

Crinkling wrappers, loud conversations, buzzing phones…  why put up with all of that when we now have the technology to enjoy the cinema experience from the comfort of your very own home?

Little wonder that our Melbourne electricians are seeing more and more calls for home theatre installation!

Of course, just like many other home renovations, home cinemas are a major undertaking. A lot of planning goes into a home theatre installation

Today, we’ll  be going over some of the most common mistakes we see – and how an electrician in Melbourne ensures you avoid them!

Home theatre installation mistakes

Avoid these common mistakes in home theatre installation by consulting the professionals first.

Don’t DIY – instead, give us a ring on 1300 300 222 for qualified advice and expert installation.

Mistake 1: choosing the wrong spot for your speakers 

You’ve just bought a set of booming speakers for your home cinema.

Of course, even the best speakers won’t deliver a good movie experience if they’re placed in the wrong spots!

Incorrectly placing your speakers can lead to the quality of sound being compromised.

Instead of hearing clean and crisp surround sound, you could be left with muffled audio if you:

  • Place side speakers on the corners of the room, close to the walls
  • Leave too much distance between your front speakers
  • Don’t slightly offset the centre speaker

All of these mistakes can distort and lower the sound quality – for best audio quality, we suggest talking to an audio professional.

And when it comes to wiring up all of these speakers, you need a Melbourne electrician!

In addition to mounting speakers, our sparkies can also design cable management strategies for all your speakers that eliminate tripping hazards.

This is crucial if you need to get up for a snack while the film’s still rolling (more on that later!)

Mistake 2: using the wrong size screen

The whole point of a home cinema is the ability to bring the ‘big screen’ experience home – however, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to the home cinema experience!

Naturally, you want as large a screen as possible.

However, excessively big screens in smaller rooms may raise visibility issues – imagine having to spend the entire runtime craning your neck to see all the on-screen drama.

Choosing the size of your screen should be determined by the distance of the seats to the screen. If you’re going to be closer, we suggest moving the projector closer, or choosing a screen that you can comfortably enjoy without straining your neck.

Finally, you’ll want to think about whether you want to go with a wall-mounted flatscreen TV or a projector.

As humble sparkies, the details of this question are a little bit beyond us – however, one thing that isn’t beyond us is the installation!

Once you’ve settled on a screen size, our Melbourne electricians can mount your TV screen or projector for you.

Mistake 3: overlooking lighting

Lighting: the overlooked stepchild of home theatre installation.

Home theatre lighting has a HUGE effect on your home theatre system. Imagine having to fight against glare as you watch your favourite movies.

If you’ve opted for a projector, you may not even be able to see the film at all!

Some homeowners completely overlook the importance of good lighting, not realising that it can affect the quality of their viewing experience.

Thick curtains are a good start – however, there’s more that you can do:

  • Have you considered dimming lights for greater control of lighting conditions?
  • Considered ambient lighting for your home cinema to increase the atmosphere?
  • Dim aisle lights can help you find your way in the dark
  • Remote-activated lighting is a great option if you’re worried about not being able to find the lightswitch in the dark
  • Better yet, what about illuminated light switches?

These are just some ways you can further enhance the lighting in your home cinema… better yet, they’re all things our fully licensed electricians in Melbourne can help out with!

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Mistake 4: not thinking about cable management

There’s a lull in the onscreen action, and you notice that your drink has run dry. You get up, fumbling through the dark room, trying to find the exit (if only you opted for aisle lighting!)

And that’s when your foot catches on something, bringing you (and your speakers) tumbling down.

Home theatre installation comes with a LOT of cables and wiring, all of which are essential – of course! However, they can also cause tripping hazards and interfere with the room’s appearance.

You’d be surprised how many homeowners set up their systems using extension cords and zip ties, all strung up around the place.

Our home theatre installation experts can devise ingenious solutions that hide your cables.

We can run them through walls, or provide your home theatre room with audio wall plates that eliminate the need for cables.

We can even install wall-mounted speakers for you if you want, leaving you with a seamless appearance!

Mistake 5: doing it yourself

Home theatre installations involve a lot of wires. And when it comes to wiring installations, the best way to do it is to call a professional sparkie. We’re big on electrical safety, and always discourage people from attempting to complete their own electrical work.

Home theatre set-up requires technical skill and expertise if you want to ensure that everything goes right. Luckily, our professionals have that in spades!

Our electricians in Melbourne will take care of all parts of your home theatre:

  • Mounting screens, TVs and projectors
  • Wiring up speakers (including wall-mounted, flush systems)
  • Cables, wiring and power sources
  • Lighting solutions and systems

With our experts in home theatre installation on your side, you’ll be able to enjoy the full cinema experience without having to set a foot outside!

The key takeaway? Don’t DIY.

Our Melbourne electricians are experts in home theatre installation!

Our team of reliable and professional sparkies are experts in domestic electrical services.

In addition to fixing electrical faults, that also extends to installing your home theatre.

Whether it’s a renovation project or a new build, our electricians can work with you from the point of design, ensuring that your theatre:

  • Is seamless
  • Won’t have any hidden electrical faults
  • Perfectly replicates the cinema experience

With Briggs, you can be confident that you’re working with registered, qualified, and licensed electricians in Melbourne who will deliver the right solutions to your home and business.

Contact Briggs Electrical on 1300 300 222 or lodge a job with us today.

Our domestic electricians look forward to bringing your home theatre dream to life!