The problem with cheap power items: our 24 hour electricians explain

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The problem with cheap power items: our 24 hour electricians explain

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“You get what you pay for.”

This simple phrase translates across every single industry, business, product, and purchase.

In particular, our 24 hour electricians often see people making the mistake of opting for cheaper power fittings and appliances in order to save themselves a couple of dollars. 

We get it: we love scoring a bargain. No better feeling than knowing you’ve saved money!

However, we can not stress enough that this is a mistake which will almost always end up costing you more money in the long run – not to mention, in many cases it’s plain dangerous too.

At Briggs Electrical, we’re big on electrical safety.

We want our customers to be safe at all times, which is why we are so passionate about explaining the potentially disastrous consequences of going cheap with electrical fittings and appliances.

Our 24 hour electricians explain why cheap solutions just cause more problems

As Melbourne domestic electricians, we often get a lot of questions asking for electrical advice, particularly from our domestic customers.

These questions include the best brands to use for a multitude of electrical appliances and fittings.

In particular, a lot of people feel that it’s okay to use cheaper items as long as they get professionals to install them.

We hate to break it to you, but it doesn’t work that way!

It doesn’t matter who is using or installing a product – if it’s cheap and nasty (or worse, faulty) then it won’t matter who installs it.

Don’t go cheap with powerboards

Powerboards are becoming more and more popular as our electricity usage grows.

Think about your kitchen bench alone. How many things do you have plugged into a single socket with the help of a powerboard?

A kettle? A toaster? A coffee maker? A phone charger? A radio? That’s five items plugged into a socket designed to power a single appliance. 

How about in your office or study?

A computer? A printer? Speakers? A phone charger? Maybe even second monitor?

We would go on, but we think you get what we’re saying here. Circuits in older homes simply don’t have enough sockets for this many appliances, making powerboards a necessity.

Of course, since they’re going to be handling a lot of different devices, it’s important that your powerboards are capable of handling the extra load.

The best-case scenario, your electronics may experience disruptions – for example, your TV to cut out during the last five minutes of a close game of footy.

In the worst-case however, you might be left with overloading, and even an electrical fire!

Buying a powerboard? The dos and don’ts


  • Buy a powerboard with surge/overload protection. Power surges are common throughout the day. While not usually something to be concerned about, a large surge can fry delicate electronics and wiring.
  • Look after your powerboards. Place powerboards on their sides to keep dust out, watch out for frayed cables and ensure the area around is properly ventilated.
  • Check the recall list. Check the ACCC website to check whether the powerboards you’re looking at are subject to recall because of faults or failure to meet Australian standards


  • Stack powerboards. If you need sockets, whatever you do, don’t plug powerboards into each other, as this dramatically increases the odds of the first powerboard overloading.
  • Plug high-wattage appliances into a powerboard. TVs, kettles, electric stoves, hair dryers… these are high-wattage appliances, and should be plugged into their own outlets.

And finally, if you’re unsure, we strongly recommend talking to an electrician in Melbourne, just to be safe. 

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Power sockets or receptacles

So powerboards and extension cords are out of the question – if you want a safe, lasting solution, we suggest calling a Melbourne electrician to install new electrical sockets and expanding your home’s electrical circuit.

Of course, for that, you’ll need to buy a new socket first!

When you go to the store to buy a power socket or receptacle, it’s very common for us to just to gaze over the prices and pick up the cheapest one we find.

As tempting as this is to do, it can actually cause you problems in the long run and end up costing even more money.

The more an outlet gets used, the more its pulled and pushed around – we’ve all seen receptacles that are partially hanging off the wall. We can pretty much guarantee that’s a cheap power socket.

You see, different quality sockets will hold up to wear and tear for different amounts of time. 

A cheaper outlet is made of cheaper materials – and all too often, the factory will cut corners to bring the price down even further.

The result is a receptacle that is likely to come loose over time.

This will mean that you will have to replace your sockets and receptacles more often, which can cost quite a bit – not to mention, you open yourself up to electrocution and shocks too.

Talk to a Melbourne electrician about plugs and sockets

You already need a professional electrician to do any electrical work more complicated than changing a lightbulb anyway – why not ask them to supply the plug or socket too?

Instead of supplying your electrician with a cheap socket you bought off Amazon, ask your sparkie to provide the sockets and receptacles.

A reputable electrician in Melbourne will use sockets and receptacles that are up to par.

What’s more, we’ll also install plugs and sockets that adhere to Australian safety standards, and which come with additional safety features built-in, such as surge protection.

Stay safe at all times with our 24 hour electricians

Electricity is no laughing matter – that’s why the law only allows licensed electricians to carry out electrical work.

However, keeping your home safe involves much more than the installation – you’ll also need to ensure that all the fittings and appliances are fit for purpose.

Are you looking for a Melbourne electrician to take a look at the electrics in your home?

Searching for 24 hour emergency electricians in Richmond who can address electrical emergencies caused by faulty or cheap accessories? 

Look no further than Briggs Electrical.

Our team of experienced electricians have a background in domestic, commercial and emergency electrician work.

Not only that, but our helpful, friendly team use solely high-quality cabling, sockets and more – no cheap electrical fittings here!

Each of our experienced sparkies is:

  • Licensed 
  • Qualified
  • Registered with NECA

And our emergency electricians are available 24/7!

What’s more, our skilled team is licensed to perform high-risk work, be it domestic, commercial or otherwise.

With quality assurances like that, why would you choose any other Melbourne electrician? 

If it has a cable, Briggs can help! Lodge a job with us online or give our 24 hour electricians a call on 1300 300 222.

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