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8 must-know reasons a Melbourne electrician is crucial to your home renovation

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With a new year comes a whole host of promises and resolutions.

That usually means things like going to the gym frequently, reading a new book a month, or learning a second language.

For others however, 2019 is the year to finally getting started on that long-awaited home renovation project.

Whether it’s converting a spare room, building your very own home theatre or something simple like adding outdoor lighting to your garden, you want your home renovation project to be a smashing a success.

As such, you’ll need a Melbourne electrician on your side.


Your local sparkie helps you plan your renovation

When planning a renovation it’s crucial that you meet with your sparkie – especially if your renovation calls for new wiring, circuits or lighting.

It’s not just a safety issue either – your Melbourne electrician can also give you pointers regarding…


Money is an important consideration when planning your renovation. The secret to keeping your renovation on-budget? Careful planning.

On top of performing electrical installation, your Melbourne electrician can give your renovation plans a quick once-over.

They’ll be able to recommend more cost-effective alternatives to better suit your budget.

Electrical capacity

Does your dream home call for some brand-new appliances and electronics? Before making the trip to an appliance store, talk to your electrician.

Your home’s electrical circuitry has a finite capacity – it can only supply so much power at once. Avoid unexpected outages and interruptions – tell your electrician what your plans are and we’ll advise you on whether or not it’s realistic, and most importantly, safe.

Any risky decisions

The last thing you want is your renovation turning out like one of these or worse, creating potential electrical hazards in your newly-renovated home!

Using their wealth of knowledge, your electrician will be able to point out any questionable electrical plans, saving you a hefty repair bill further down the line.

Electric wires and materials, for repairs and tools for remodeling interior of house (apartment) that is under remodeling, renovation, extension, restoration, reconstruction and construction (upgrading).

Services only your Melbourne electrician should undertake

Once planning’s over, it’s time to start work on actually laying out your wiring.

When it comes it installing new wiring or upgrading old wiring, you NEED a licensed electrician.

There’s no ifs or buts about it – electricity is easily the most dangerous thing in your home.  It’s estimated that an average of 20 people die from electrocution each year.

Electrical wiring installations

Not all home renovations will require new wiring – if yours does however, a Melbourne electrician is the only way to go.

A licensed electrician gets the job done safely, whether you need all new wiring or replacements for existing circuits. Not to mention, they’ll do it properly – no need to worry about faulty wiring, loose wires or power outages.

Above all, they’re the only ones legally permitted to complete such jobs anyway!

Electrical safety

Electricity is dangerous – we all know this.

And that danger doesn’t end once installation is complete – it’s crucial that all of your wiring, sockets and other electrical fittings are fitted with appropriate safety measures and precautions such as GFCIs, earth wires, and switches.

A licensed electrician like Briggs can install these crucial safety features in your home electrical system.

Additionally, we also check for overloaded circuits, protecting you from electrocution or fire.

Security alarms and CCTV installation

Your electrician does much more than just wiring and sockets – they’re also a crucial part of your home security team!

Comfort and functionality aren’t the only things to consider during renovation. You’ll also want to think about security, and how you can protect your home and property.

On top of regular electrical work and installation, Briggs Electrical protects your home by performing home security and CCTV installations, as well as smoke alarms and gas detectors.

Data cabling installation

What architect 50, 30 or even 15 years ago could have predicted how much we use technology nowadays?

Older buildings weren’t designed with internet connectivity or computers in mind.

Sick of securing ugly ethernet cables to your wall or ceiling? Determined to fix the problem once and for all with proper data cabling?

Luckily for you, Briggs Electrical doesn’t just do electrical installations – our data cabling services bring your home or business into the 21st century.

Working process of installing metal frames for plasterboard -drywall- for making gypsum walls in apartment is under construction, remodeling, renovation, extension, restoration, upgrading and reconstruction.

Our tips for a successful home renovation

Know what you need

A lot of people renovate because they want their home to look better or feel more comfortable. However, a lot end up forgetting that the home needs to be functional too!

For example, if a certain room is going to see heavy usage, it might be worth adding additional sockets and wiring to accommodate.

Call a professional electrician early on

Like we mentioned above, an electrician can be a huge help during the planning stage of your renovation.

Unfortunately, what many renovators do is wait until plans are drawn up (or worse, put into action) before running into an issue and only then consulting their local electrician!

While it mightn’t seem like a big deal, it is. If your Melbourne electrician uncovers a problem, this can push renovations back considerably.

Our recommendation is to consult with a professional electrician as early as possible – don’t wait for everything to be signed before asking your sparkie for their input.


Need an electrician in Melbourne for your home renovation?

Contact Briggs Electrical today!

Safety. Quality workmanship. Advice and planning. These are just some of the reasons you should at least touch base with a Melbourne electrician as early as possible.

Why should that electrician be Briggs Electrical?

It’s simple: we do it all for you!

Installation, repairs, upgrades, planning… no matter what your renovation plan calls for, you can trust our team of highly-qualified sparkies.

Our team offers comprehensive electrical services throughout Melbourne’s south-east. We work on all sorts of electrical jobs, from renovations and beyond.

Contact Briggs Electrical today on 1300 300 222 or send us a form with your questions and we’ll get back to you soon!