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Spotlight: a commercial electrician in Melbourne explains 4 essential security lighting tips

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Running a business is a lot like having a child. You nurture it as it grows. It keeps you up at night. You’ll often be forced to get your hands dirty and clean things up yourself… the list of similarities goes on.

And just like raising a child, keeping your business safe is something that’s at the forefront of your mind.

There are a lot of things you can do to keep your business secure. Chances are, you probably have most of these in place already:

But there’s another part of the security puzzle many business owners overlook: the power of lighting!

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How security lighting keeps your business, well, secure

Believe it or not, light is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to scaring off ne’er-do-wells.

The reasoning is pretty straightforward. Would-be burglars don’t like being seen or caught, so anything that increases their odds of being spotted is a potential hindrance.

That’s why dogs, alarms and CCTV are consistently listed as the most powerful deterrents!

Light means witnesses.

It means an increased risk of being identified.

Combined with other security measures, light can put criminals off targeting your business.

Scaring away dodgy people isn’t the only way security lighting keeps you secure. Security lighting is also a practical and safe choice if you close up late or come in early.


Security lighting considerations

1) Security lighting isn’t a catch-all solution

Security lighting installation is an effective deterrent. However, it’s not wise to rely entirely on it!

A quiet location tucked around a corner limits the effectiveness of your security lighting. An even more important limitation is the simple fact that security lighting is only useful at night. For businesses that only open after dark, this is especially significant.

To ensure your business stays safe and un-burgled, it’s best to use security lighting as part of your security system.

Lighting can help overcome weaknesses in other elements, while other devices can mitigate the flaws in security lighting.

And while we’re on the topic…

2) Use security lighting to enhance other parts of your security system

In our experience, security lighting can also be used to enhance the effectiveness of other security measures.

For example, many older CCTV systems may have poor low-light recording.

Security lighting provides an alternative to CCTV upgrades, improving your camera’s ability to pick up faces and details at night.

Security lighting installation also pairs well with tough locks.

A tough lock takes time to crack, making it a risky move for a criminal. Combined with a security shining on them the entire time as they try getting in, and your burglar may as well have turned up with a sign on their back saying “My name is John Smith – call the police on me!”

Security lighting deters burglars

3) Be strategic

Ideally, you’ll want all sides of your business to be illuminated once you lock up for the night. However, that’s simply not feasible in every single situation!

In these cases, you’ll want to be strategic with where you install security lights. Choose spots that are more likely to be used as an entryway like windows, doors and fire escapes.

Another thing to think about is whether your business benefits from security lighting at all.

Picture this: your business is tucked away, out-of-sight or obscured from the main road. What good is security lighting if there’s no-one to spot the burglar as they make their way in?

If you want our advice, areas that can’t be seen by passers by or neighbours should be pushed down the priority list.

4) Think about your energy consumption

In a period of rising power bills, it’s not abnormal to think about how much your security lighting is going to cost you not just to install, but to run.

One way around this is to use motion-activated lighting. Using sensors, your security lighting will activate only when someone passes nearby.

Not only does this save power as your lights aren’t on for the entire night, but it can also give potential burglars a bit of a shock. And that might all it takes to keep your business safe at night!

Another way is to think about the type of bulb you’re using.

Different types of light differ in how much light they produce, how much heat they generate and of course, how much energy they consume.

Worried about your energy consumption? Talk to a commercial electrician in Melbourne for a system that strikes the perfect balance between lighting and expense!

Security lighting for business

Planning security lighting installation? Call a commercial electrician in Melbourne!

When it comes to protecting your business, every little bit can help.

While not as sophisticated as a CCTV system or as immediately tangible as a solid front lock, security lighting certainly has a role to play in keeping your business safe.

Keeping your business secure is a big deal, and it requires someone who treats it as such.

Call a commercial electrician in Melbourne for your business – call Briggs Electrical!

In addition to installing security lighting, the team from Briggs has installed complete security systems for businesses and residences all over Melbourne:

  • CCTV and alarm systems
  • Intercoms and panic buttons
  • Motion and sound sensors
  • System repairs and upgrades

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