Shedding light on an office fit-out

Shedding light on an office fit-out

What is an office fit out?

In its most basic form, an office fit-out of any commercial space is the process involving a variety of construction trades in order to make a space habitable or workable.

But to make it sound a little more exciting, during a fit-out, we’re transforming an empty or run-down space into an awesome room or office!


Office fit-out

A fit out begins with an idea and converts into a plan, design, construction, and final product.

One fundamental component of a complete shop or office fit-out is the electrical design, planning, and installation for new builds and constructions.


How does Briggs Electrical work with other contractors?

A complete shop or office fit-out constitutes more than electrical services. Depending on the specs required, a shop fit-out will likely involve a variety of other trades, including:

The key to executing a streamlined project is constant and clear communication between all trades and the client. Initial planning, including not only designs but a realistic timeline implementation, combine to help the Briggs Electrical team (as well as the other trade teams involved) to stay on target throughout the entire project.


Shop fit-out project management – can I do it myself?

The size of the project and your competency are likely the two major factors you consider when you think about whether you can handle project management yourself.

And while sometimes you think that yes you can, you quickly realise that you might have been a tad optimistic.

Project management is hard work.

While it might sound like an appealing cost-cutter, it can end up costing you more in lost time, mistakes, and stress. It takes a qualified team to ensure a project is managed correctly, including budgeting and your timeline. Project management is key to a successful shop fit-out, so don’t compromise that by attempting it yourself.


Will your trades adhere to strict safety standards?

There are a ton of rules, regulations, guidelines, permits, and laws when it comes to the construction and trades industry. All of those other trades we listed above must adhere to their own regulations, as must we as electricians.

These rules guide us through the entire process, from initial planning, to construction and installation. The site must be safe and laws must be obeyed.


Simultaneously, will they fulfil aesthetic requirements?

For commercial buildings like hairdressers, beauty salons, and clothing or gift stores, the practical solutions we devise and install also need to fulfil aesthetic requirements.

These types of stores must ensure they are appealing, welcoming, and comfortable for clients or customers. Lighting plays a big role here, as it can create a big impact for store visitors, so read on…


What’s involved in an electrical fit-out?

Switchboard installation

Depending on your scenario, you might be moving into an existing office that has an outdated or faulty switchboard, or if you’re starting from scratch, you’ll need a new switchboard installed and connected. The switchboard is the basis for supplying electricity and energy to your entire space and is key to a successful electrical fit-out!

Safety switches

We’ve blogged once before about the importance of safety switches. They’re a fundamental component of any dwelling that uses electricity and electrical appliances.


Let there be light!

From fixtures to down lights, fluorescent to sensor, there are so many types of lighting options available for a variety of businesses:

  • Jewellery stores require bright, complimentary lighting to show off their goods (including the shine on that diamond ring)
  • Clothing stores want flattering lights in the fitting rooms
  • Offices might choose practical and effective fluorescent lighting
  • Factories or warehouses might search for energy saving lighting solutions to power their huge spaces

shop fit-out

Power sockets

Scattered through an office or building, wall sockets power up all the kinds of devices you’d find in an office like computers, laptops, chargers, and more.


The behind-the-scenes stuff isn’t really important to the end user… unless something goes wrong! That’s why strategic and tactical cabling is a crucial step in an office fit-out, ensuring your entire space is hooked up.

Alarms and security

An extra layer of security in both domestic and commercial properties alike, alarm systems and security cameras can be a part of your fit-out strategy. Alarm systems are installed inside while security elements like sensor lighting is typically installed outside.


Do you need a lighting solution?

Or are you planning an office fit-out?

Let’s talk!

If you’re in the process of searching for a new office, or require assistance with new office lighting and data designs and solutions, speak to Briggs Electrical today.

If you’re a little further down the funnel and have designs already prepared, you can email those through to us and we can provide a quote. Contact us here or email info@

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