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No TV reception? Antenna installation from Melbourne’s Briggs Electrical

“Good evening, and welcome to television.”

These six words transport many of us back to the mid-50s, where Bruce Gyngell introduced television to Australia.

Television has had a phenomenal history in Australia. Through the 1960s, it expanded throughout the country, particularly to regional areas, and colour television was introduced on 1 March 1975.

Fast-forward to the new millennium, when digital television began making waves (pun intended).

Throughout the next decade, television networks made the permanent switch to digital signals (from analogue), and we too took part in the digital television transition in order to access these new digital channels.

Antenna installation Melbourne

Antenna installation

In order to access the multitude of digital channels available across Australian television networks, a household requires an external antenna, typically professionally installed on the roof (but in some cases in an attic). Antenna installation from Briggs means you can enjoy high quality digital television in any room of the house!


Professional antenna installation in Melbourne

Measure strength of the digital signal at your house and choose an antenna that will provide your television with adequate reception.

As always, safety is the number one priority: our electricians work to strict safety parameters and rules to ensure that you, your family, your house – and themselves! – are never in a dangerous situation.

It goes without saying that antenna installation is no mean feat. Getting up on a roof and safely and correctly installing an antenna is a precarious job, and it’s not something that just anyone can do!

Our team of experts ensure that the entire process of antenna installation – from planning to installation and tuning – is conducted in a safe manner. There’s really no compromise when it comes to safety!


Poor reception? Consider antenna removal

What’s causing this poor reception?

There are a number of factors that can influence the quality of your television reception. It normally boils down to one (or a combination) of the following:

  • Obstructions block your antenna from nearby transmission towers
  • Electrical appliances are interfering TV reception (large appliances like washing machines or hot water systems)
  • Your current antenna is damaged or outdated
  • Your television is old (you might struggle to get the newest digital channels)
  • Your antenna is not securely installed on your roof

Oftentimes when you are suffering poor reception or just purchased a new television, it’s not worth repairing an old antenna.

More often than not, it’ll be advised that you choose a new antenna that can be installed safety at the correct height and position, delivering your household exceptional picture and audio quality.

Briggs will help you with not only your new antenna installation, but can also safety remove an old one.

Tune in to digital television

Older antennas mightn’t pick up the quality that digital television wants to provide you. You also might have missed out on some of the newer channels, simply because of an older (or faulty) antenna.

Once we’ve installed your antenna, we’ll tune your television and make sure you can access all those great free-to-air channels.


Additional services you might consider include:


Digital TV antenna installation Melbourne

If you’re tired of poor television reception or struggle to get new digital channels, perhaps you need a new antenna. The Briggs team will offer expert advice, competitive prices, and complete digital TV antenna installation needs for you at your home. Call us today for a quote, or contact us online!