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Lighting installations

Electrical safety tips while renovating

A renovation project simultaneously invokes feelings of stress and excitement. The task involves making many important decisions, and before you even get to the styling part, you have to ensure your budget is in check and safety regulations are met. It’s a big task!   Instead of cutting corners or rushing projects, follow these electrical […]

Electrical fires

Tips from a Melbourne electrician: how to prevent electrical fires

Just a few weeks ago, while people were preparing to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend, sisters Shanzel and Ruby, aged 10 and 13, were found dead following a fire in a makeshift granny flat in a small town 30 kilometres outside Launceston.   The girls were enjoying a long weekend sleep-out when disaster struck. […]

home electrical safety

Can you tick off this home electrical safety checklist?

Electricity is one of those things the everyday person simply takes for granted. That is, until something odd starts to happen.   It’s imperative that you keep your home safe from any potential electrical hazards, and the best way to do so is to complete an electrical safety checklist at least once a year.   […]

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