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Rewiring a house

Down to the wire: the importance of rewiring a house

Here’s some food for thought: how safe are you in your home?   Maybe you own an intimidating pit bull, recently got a new alarm system installed or set up a security camera system.   It’s extremely important to keep your home safe. One part of the home safety equation that often gets overlooked however […]

Benefits of great office lighting

On an average work week, those with desk jobs spend around 40 hours in the office.   That adds up to almost 2000 hours a year! With so much of our time spent within the confines of our office spaces, can office workers really be blamed for taking steps to make their workplaces feel more […]

Important electrical considerations for a new build

Dreaming of building your own home?   But before your dream house can become a reality, there will be countless hours spent planning and going over your home plan with your team of building trades. As part of the home building process, you will be making a variety of considerations, including: Architectural planning Plumbing solutions Building […]

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