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Light up! Learn how to brighten your home’s porch and entryway

Humans are drawn towards light. We just can’t get enough of it: we choose bright lights for our office spaces, seek out homes with big windows and have an almost-instinctive aversion to walking down dark alleyways. It’s only natural to want plenty of light for your home. But have you thought about how you’re lighting […]

Holy smoke: Briggs’ domestic electricians explain everything you never knew about smoke alarms

It’s bushfire season, alright. And with summer well underway and fires burning all over the country, fire safety is the hot word on everybody’s lips. Australians are intimately familiar with the dangers of fire and the importance of being alert around fires – especially during the hot summer months! Many residents in rural areas have […]

Let there be light! Illuminate your backyard with garden lighting

Research has estimated that four out of five Australian households had their own garden at home. Given this figure, it’s safe to say that Australians love their gardens! And for those who do, we are pretty sure that countless hours have been spent tending and beautifying these sacred outdoor spaces. In addition to great landscaping, […]


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