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Light up your new home with these lighting trends

Perhaps one of the best feelings we can ever get is the excitement of finally reaching lock-up stage of a new build, or starting to see rooms take shape during a renovation.        When some people think of interior design, a lighting plan is not always on top of their mind. However, what […]

save electricity in winter

How to save electricity this winter (without sacrificing warmth)

We Melburnians don’t like the cold. But that does not mean you need to spend a fortune on electricity bills this winter. But how can we save electricity without compromising comfort?   We’ve got a list of red-hot tips to cut down your electricity usage and stay warm this winter.     Tip 1: turn […]

Lighting installations

Electrical safety tips while renovating

A renovation project simultaneously invokes feelings of stress and excitement. The task involves making many important decisions, and before you even get to the styling part, you have to ensure your budget is in check and safety regulations are met. It’s a big task!   Instead of cutting corners or rushing projects, follow these electrical […]

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