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Lighting designs in the home

Lighting designs in the home

Just like outdoor lighting, there are two layers to lighting designs in the home: Task lighting (for cooking, for example) Lighting that creates the right ambiance Clever designs will help you achieve the perfect balance between these two layers of lighting in your home. We make our way through key areas of the home, detailing […]

electrical inspection

What happens during a commercial electrical inspection?

In this blog post, we looked at three common settings where you should enlist a qualified electrician to perform a detailed electrical inspection. The three scenarios were: Before you buy property Before you lease a commercial space If you live in an old house This week, we want to take a closer look at the […]

Power outage

Safety tips during a power outage

When the power goes out in your home, it’s often caused by one of two reasons: Reason 1: It’s isolated to your home only, and it’s likely a faulty electrical appliance has triggered your safety switch. This is a GOOD thing and means your safety switch is working properly! Learn more about safety switches here. […]

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